P/N 800-0293-1
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For combing beaches, your best friend is the BeachHunter 300, which ignores junk and detects treasure in and out of the water. The control box is detachable, and color-coded LEDs let you identify detected targets with just a glance.

Water and electronics usually don’t mix, but this detector is completely waterproof in depths up to 25 feet.

The specially designed 12” spider coil has extreme detection depth but is epoxy-filled so it has near neutral buoyancy: it won’t push away from the water or try to sink. Included Piezo headphones are also waterproof to guard against accidental drops.

Dual-frequency detection provides optimum results on the sand and in the water, while two search modes toggle between pinpointing and wide search. The detector’s three controls let you adjust threshold, sensitivity, and ground.


  • 3 Controls- Threshold´╝î Sensitivity´╝î & Ground
  • Detachable Control Box
  • Dual Frequency Metal Detector
  • Salt and Freshwater
  • Target ID at its easiest
  • Two Search Modes
  • Waterproof
Introductory Video
  • Adjustable Length: 40" > 52"
  • All Metal Audio: VCO
  • Audio Output: Water Proof Headphone
  • Batteries: 8 "AA"
  • Battery Life: 20
  • Disc Audio: Threshold & Silent Search
  • Optional Coils: Beachunter
  • Standard Coil: 12"
  • Number of Presets: 2
  • Frequency: Dual


Cover for SUPER 12 Search Coil - solid

Cover for SUPER 12 Search Coil - solid

Padded Gun Style Detector Bag

Padded Gun Style Detector Bag

Search Coil Steady Bracket

Search Coil Steady Bracket

Sand Scoop

Sand Scoop


Product Reviews

  • Sam Wag.
  • 10/23/2015
Great Unit
I'm working on my 3rd BeachHunter and it boils down to this. Ive tried numerous units over the last 26 years of detecting. I keep going back to what works for me and that is simplicitiy and reliablility. the Beachhunter has done this in more ways then one. I enjoy the 12'' coil for its depth and sensitivity. Its ability to handle salt water really well without falseing is a plus. The fact it can be chest mounted for longer hunting ability. NO ONE likes to get fatigued while detecting a heavy unit. I also like the fact this unit can be used in all weather conditions. One detector for all types of hunting. fresh water, salt water, dry beach and on land in the parks, fields and even relic hunting. This unit will do it all. Only thing I can complain about is just 1 thing. I wish the unit had interchangable coil options but with a waterproof coil plug. I love my BH. I have over $12,000.00 worth of bling from the Florida beaches to prove it. Just view my detecting guide on Amazon.com Metal Detecting The Beaches From Maine To Florida. Plenty of proof how well the BeachHunter works.

Best of Luck

  • uncle john
  • 12/6/2014
love it
I love my BeacHunter it is #1. I don't have to sit home when it rains, anyone can metal detect with it - beginner or pro and in water it is at its best. It completes my family (V3i and GMT). Thank You White's.
  • Jim
  • 12/7/2013
This detector is very funcitonal and does a very good job. I give it a 5 star, but realistically it does no filter all junk, not possible on any machine
  • Jim
  • 9/20/2009
Favorite machine and I can always rely on it
The BeachHunter 300 is my favorite water machine and I love the way it picks out the good targets in trashy areas! I can always rely on my trusty BeachHunter 300!
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