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The rugged Coinmaster offers solid performance with features that help you discover coins and jewelry.

The Pro model surpasses the basic Coinmaster’s features with Smart Notch that allow you to reject tabs at low discrimination or accept nickels at high discrimination. Five-Range Discrimination adjusts so you can hear everything or only the signal types you choose.

Target ID shows you the identification of targets as you hunt, so you can see and hear the target. The Pro model’s Tone ID goes a step further with different audio tones for nails and iron, rings and jewelry, and coins. Depth reading then helps you know how deep to dig.

At only 2.5 pounds, the Coinmaster is comfortable for all-day use with its included pair of 9-volt batteries, and the waterproof 9” Spider Coil is ready for beach exploration.


  • 5-Range Discrimination
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Depth Reading as You Hunt
  • Pinpoint/All Metal Mode
  • Rugged
  • Water Resistant Control Box
  • Smart Notch
  • Tone ID
Introductory Video
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  • Adjustable Length: 46" > 51"
  • All Metal Audio: Non-VCO
  • Audio Output: Speaker & 1/4" Headphone
  • Batteries: 2 - 9 volt
  • Battery Life: 20
  • Disc Audio: Silent Search
  • Optional Coils: Coinmaster Family
  • Standard Coil: 9"
  • Number of Presets: 1
  • Frequency: 8 kHz


Cover for 9" Spider coil

Cover for 9" Spider coil

Padded Gun Style Detector Bag

Padded Gun Style Detector Bag

Prizm Mini "DD"

Prizm Mini "DD"


Product Reviews

  • HaydenVandehey
  • 5/14/2015
First Coin Was The Best Coin
When I had first bought my White's Coinmaster Pro, I decided to go to a very old place (1800's) and get to know my machine. I had gone in some bushes and ivy and had gotten a really deep pull tab signal that came up about 5-6 inches. I dig my plug, search with the White's TRX pin pointer, and there it was. An 1858 Half Dime. That was the first coin and the best coin I had found. Later that day I was detecting around the area of where Linnmann Station used to be, and I found a 1907 Indian Head penny. I love the Coinmaster Pro.
  • Grommy Lommy (aka swolfe)
  • 9/18/2014
The Coinmaster Pro is a great detector!
This detector is perfect for searching for jewelry at parks. Gold rings usually show up as nickles on it and I have over 30 of them thanks to the Coinmaster Pro!
  • Jeff
  • 1/4/2014
Great detector for the price
I own a couple "top of the line" White's detectors and needed a back up/ loaner detector. I was very impressed with the Coinmaster Pro. Great depth, lightweight and very easy to use.
  • Tridad59
  • 11/2/2013
Good purchase
Easy to use and good value as well.
  • Nate
  • 10/30/2013
Very lightweight and dependable.
After my first week of getting the Coinmaster Pro I decided to hunt a soy bean field that used to be a fairgrounds in the late 1800s. with the research I did and the reliability of White's detectors my first coin was a 1903 Barber dime down 6 inches. Thank you White's for a well engineered American product.

  • Charles
  • 9/24/2013
Beginners luck, and a great detector finds my lost ring
I lost my prized custom made almost 2 OZ pure gold ring that I made and wore for about 42 years. My lost ring provided the perfect excuse for me to finally buy a metal detector. After about a full week of Internet research on what kind to buy, I decided to purchase a White's detector and narrowed it down to the Coinmaster Pro.

As soon as I got back home, I fired up the detector and plugged in the headphones and started to acquaint myself with the detector. I found the ring!!! Total time searching was about a minute. Beginners luck, armed with knowledge on how to use this product made my day and paid for my Coinmaster Pro.
  • Meghan
  • 6/22/2013
Coinmaster Pro is so simple to use
Hi my name is Meghan and I'm eleven years old. I have the best time with my metal detector, the Coinmaster Pro. I have found a lot of clad, wheat pennies, and odds and ends. For a beginner, like me, that's pretty good.

The Coinmaster is so simple for me. I go out with my Dad at older places, like old houses, churches, and playgrounds.

When I have dug a hole and found my treasure, it's usually 4-6 inches down. I am so glad that you made this product for kids and adults.
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