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Due to Field Testing and Seminars, Call for an Appointment

1101 N 15th St
Boise, ID 83702

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Besides being an Authorized White's Dealer, providing excellent detectors and accessories, I provide in training and seminars on metal detecting. My speciality is gold hunting.

Come join me for a fun filled and exciting time in the western outdoors learning your new gold detector and as a bonus, you will be looking for the elusive soft yellow metal (GOLD). My 25+ years experience using metal detectors will help you find gold. I take individuals, couples and even small groups from 1 to 4 days on outings, training and seminars. We will be training and detecting in some of the richest gold country around.

Sometimes we are in the same areas where the 49-'ers made a living at it. From Northern Nevada, Eastern Oregon or the Boise Basin of Idaho, I detect them all. My previous customers and I have found gold using metal detectors in all areas.

Yes, you get to keep all the gold you find. Now I don't promise that everyone will find gold, but I do promise that you will learn your metal detector much more and will know what to look for and how to hunt an area.

What you will hopefully learn from my training and seminars.

  1. What the different settings, knobs and switches are for.
  2. How to properly set the detector up for the areas you are wanting to detect.
  3. What areas you want to look for.
  4. How to hear the smaller or deeper signals.
  5. When to dig or not.
  6. Proper retrieval methods.
  7. What is the proper gear to have along with your metal detector.
  8. Why most owners of Gold Detectors fail at finding gold.
  9. How to make you be a successful nugget hunter.
  10. How to have a good time even when you don't find any gold.

My pricing depends on the amount of people going, how many days and how far away.

Please contact me by email or phone. Remember that I am in the field quite often and it may take a few days for me to get back to you.

Click here to read success story.  Customer in Washington State found 14 pieces of gold.