P/N 802-5211-1
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Rechargeable battery for DFX, XLT, Classics, GMT and Quantum. Non-memory characteristics.

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  • GMT Expert
  • 1/8/2014
Slower discharge / drain
It might be cheaper to go with lithium AA's from your supermarket. This pack has a slower discharge / drain rate allowing for longer times to prospect than your standard lithium AA batteries or dry cell AA's.

You have to keep it charged over time, if you plan on putting it in the cupboard for a few months make sure you charge it, (every 3 or so months) to prevent the battery pack from drying out. Well worth the price, once you know it's benefits!
  • DFX owner
  • 10/25/2013
Only lasted one year!
The first one of these I had lasted 5 years. This one only lasted one year. Way cheaper to by lithium batteries.
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