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Item Found: Relic


Metal Detector Used: MXT

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September 1st, 2009


Hunting a construction site can be really rewarding! A large area was recently scraped off and an old building was removed, knowing that this Town was rich in Civil War history I had a good feeling about this spot. I had hunted a few residents’ yards in the same vicinity and recovered two Jeff Davis Hat Badges, many bullets and several nice Eagle buttons.

I had always wanted to hunt this spot but it was so overgrown that even in the winter you couldn't get in to detect. I discovered this area not too long ago while driving and noticed a foundation being dug out for a new home.

I stopped and talked to the Contractor and asked if we could hunt it when they were done working. I explained about the possibility of Civil War relics being found and that if I found a Civil War bullet I would give him the first one.

He agreed and suggested we hunt it while they were on break for lunch, I thanked him and turned on my MXT with my White’s 6x10 coil on and I took two steps and got a loud bullet signal, I moved the loose dirt with my foot and there was a nice 54 caliber dropped minnie ball. I picked it up turned around and put it in his hand. He was thrilled and said “hey I have a bunch more spots you can hunt, thanks!”

We continued to hunt while they were on break and dug 3 Eagle buttons and many dropped 3 ringers. Since then I have recovered, a rare Civil War Bit Boss, and many bullets, buttons, carved bullets, a knapsack hook, suspender buckle, and lots of fired rounds.

One of my favorite finds is a 54 caliber three ringer that was stretched and made into a chess piece and it has an impression of a Eagle in it. You can also just make out a C in the center of the Eagle, this was a Calvary button! When I talked to the contractor recently he indicated the wooded site was cleared and he had already got me permission to hunt it!

My first trip back I dug the rare Military Bit Boss and another Jeff Davis Hat Badge! Since then I went back last weekend and took a couple friends, we all were digging relics and I decided to move over to an area that was really trashy. Now I can assure you that the MXT with the White’s DD 6x10 coil I can hunt those really trashy areas with absolutely no problems!

That coil will pick out the good targets better than any coil I have ever used. Within a few minutes I had several pieces of camp lead, when all of a sudden I got a strong signal and only 3 or 4 inches down I removed a large gold pocket watch! It had initials on the back and was in decent shape except for the hands that were rusted away.

My buddies say I am lucky, I say I am lucky I have the MXT because it is the best detector for relic hunting in my area anyway. I have buddies who have Mine labs, Fishers, and many other brands of detectors, but with the MXT I consistently out dig them. They usually shake their head and say I am just lucky, I say I am lucky, that is lucky I use a White’s MXT! Thanks for an excellent product!

Tim G.

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