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Item Found: Coin

Location: Indiana

Metal Detector Used: Other (800-0300)

August 15th, 2008

Dear White’s,

Ever have one of those hunts when you find a potentially awesome site only to get there, start hunting and realize you may have got your hopes up for nothing? Well the other day was one of those hunts for me. Last Spring I researched a piece of property owned by a local farmer, I received permission to hunt all 3,000+ acres of open crop field. It has hard wood, lots of ridges with several home sites on it, most from the early 1800s.

Most all of my fields are planted now and out of respect for the farmers I stay out of them this time of year, so I decided to give the property a try. Most all the home sites that I found where so grown up it was nearly impossible to hunt, except for one still partially standing dwelling in the middle of an old cedar grove on top of a large ridge.

The spot looked very promising and I couldn’t get my pack off quick enough to start hunting. Surely this Virgin home site is chalked full of old relics, coins, and various other metallic items from the years past. It became apparent to me after about 45 minutes of hunting and only digging a few broken pieces of fencing wire, that this place is very clean, no trash nothing. I often stopped and throw a quarter down to make sure my machine was still working… this just wasn’t rite normally these old home sites are chalked full of old trash and I wasn’t even finding corroded jar lids, nails… nothing!

I was a good 4 miles from any modern road so this place couldn’t be hunted out… but you never know, and to top it off it was over 90 degrees out with the blazing sun and very high humidity. I searched for a good 3 hours with very little in my finds pouch and I was running low on faith and water, so I figured I would do a quick search on a little ridge about 50 yards south of the home site.

I scanned for about 30 minutes with the same results as earlier, nothing… until I was walking down the ridge to go recover my pack and make the hour long trek back to the truck, when my XLT rang out with the ever so sweet tone of a good target. It gave me a “clip” ranged at 76 on the VDI, which usually indicated a button or coin, but I could tell it was deep. I removed the top 6” or so and rescanned and this time I got that loud tone and steady VID indicating a coin.

I probed the hole with my pinpointer and couldn’t get it to sound off, so I pulled another 6” of dirt out and scanned the hole… nothing in the hole… I scanned the pile and she was there. I sifted through the dirt until a nice little silver coin fell out into my hand. She was beautiful! It was an 1853 seated dime! In 1 minute the most miserable day I’ve ever had in a long time turned into one of the best hunts I’ve had in a while.

With that find I walked down grabbed my pack slung my machine over my shoulder and headed through the tangled underbrush of a South Western Indiana woods with a smile on my face that even the sweltering heat couldn’t erase.

I made the find with a White’s XLT Spectrum, hunting with a custom program. I love this machine, it is a simple machine, yet has the capability matched in no other machine I have used. Thank you White’s for making such a great product.  


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