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Item Found: Other

Location: North Carolina

Metal Detector Used: Spectra Series (800-0308)

February 1st, 2012

White's Electronics,

I had posted earlier on Thanksgiving Day about hunting my mother-in-laws small yard and finding several wheat pennies and a silver dime. Yesterday my son came home from college on Christmas break, so today he and I went to her house to clean out gutters and help her with a few chores she is unable to do. While Colby was helping his grandmother I decided to clean out the trash in her yard, (with the help of my V3i of course), so out to the backyard I go. Thanksgiving day I had hunted with my 10DD and there were several nails, so today I thought I would give it another shot with my 6x10 coil.

First dig was a wheat penny and the next target kept bouncing 51 to 76.Thinking it to be a dime and penny or a rusty nail (they VDI 76 a lot) and penny, I start digging. After pulling the plug I get a rusty nail 3" under the surface, knowing it did not VDI at 51, I pushed my pro-pointer into the hole and it started singing. At 7" I pull a lesche scoop of dirt and the hole is quite, checking the dirt I see a gold ring. after removing the dirt I see "1972" on the class ring and after a little more cleaning I see it has my wife’s' sisters' name in it.

On Sunday the 18th she and her husband are coming to my home to celebrate Christmas, so I am planning to wrap it in a big box and give it to her. I can't wait to see her face. Even today, while I was detecting, she stopped by and was ribbing me about my toy (V3i). I asked her if she had ever lost anything in this yard and she just laughed and said she had never lost anything here, all the time I was carrying her lost class ring (of almost 40 years) in my pouch.

She will be so excited to see something she has completely forgotten about, I am going to take pictures of her when she opens the package and will try to post them. This will be one recovered class ring that will be easy to locate the owner. Also found a few wheat pennies and a little clad, sorry for the long post, just thought it kind of odd to find a lost ring of 40 years and within 30 minutes the owner shows up, thanks for looking--Can't wait to see her face.

It's been tough keeping everything quiet about the class-ring find last Thursday. This afternoon my wife’s' family gathered at my home to celebrate Christmas and when we started opening presents I said I had one to be given last. After the last gift I had numbers in a hat for everyone to draw out and the highest number was going to get the gift, little did they know that I had it rigged so that my sister-in-law (Bonnie) got the highest number.

The ring was wrapped in about four different boxes that had some weight added to them so no one could think of a small gift, finally she got to the ring and she just started screaming "you found my class ring". After everything settled down I let Bonnie read all the threads and you can believe she had a little crow to go with her meal after hounding me about my toy. It was one of the most rewarding moments of metal detecting for me a quite some time. Pay-back is sometimes quite sweet, but it was all in good fun. The pictures show a little of the excitement, but it was like a mad-house here for a little while. Just want to say thanks to White’s for making a machine like the V3i that had a huge impact on making Christmas real special in our house this year.

Tim (NC)

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