P/N 800-0294
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The GMT is White’s “Goldmaster” — used in goldfields around the world! This detector ignores the harsh ground found in gold-bearing areas to simplify prospecting and find nuggets large and small, and coins, too.

The GMT is made for gold country, with 48 KHz operating frequency — the best for gold — and a waterproof search coil that’s ready for streams and rivers.

High-end features like the iron target analyzer make hunting easier. Manual controls are available for advanced users, and each option includes a recommended initial setting.

Also onboard: variable self-adjusting threshold, Grab Pushpad for setting ground balance instantly, automatic ground balance, and “Follow the Paystreak” feature, which displays the amount of magnetic minerals in the ground.

Introductory Video
  • Adjustable Length: 46"-51"
  • All Metal Audio: VCO
  • Audio Output: Speaker & 1/4" Headphone
  • Batteries: 8 "AA"
  • Battery Life: 40
  • Disc Audio: Threshold & Silent Search
  • Optional Coils: Goldmaster Family
  • Standard Coil: 6" X 9"
  • Number of Presets: 1
  • Frequency: 48


Product Reviews

  • Dlane
  • 1/28/2015
Spot on
I picked this metal detector because I wanted the ability to search for gold. I tried it in my backyard and found a target that was only a 10 percent probability of being IRON. It was an old lead weight, it did exactly what it was designed to do. Lead is Not Iron. I watched the video a couple of times and it explains the features very well. I have had a great time exploring with it and the GMT is worth every penny!
  • Gary
  • 12/30/2014
GMT is the Best for finding gold. On my first outing I found 3 small but very nice gold nuggets. I could not any happier with my GMT.
  • bill
  • 12/28/2014
The first time I used the GMT it didn't go so well. The circuit board went crazy, but White's replaced it with a new one and wow did it do great. I found nuggets and gold coins and I am very happy with the machine!
  • AZmartin
  • 8/19/2014
White's GMT
First time out and a about 30 minutes of practice before use and found my first ever gold nugget. It didn't take long to learn how to use and it is easy to adjust. I was able to find some fairly small gold. The dealer was right, nice unit, easy to use and will find gold.
  • Pat
  • 8/11/2014
Great gold machine, I have had three over the years and loved every one.
  • Doug
  • 5/7/2013
GMT Doesn't Disappoint!
I just got back from a great trip to Ganes Creek, AK... There were all brands of metal detectors there, but none found more nuggets than the White’s GMT. I found just under 2oz. It was my first trip to Ganes and I wasn't disappointed.
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