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 Earn 50 Accessory Dollars
Earn 50 Accessory Dollars
The MX5 is a versatile detector that can be used almost anywhere- with both a general purpose Coin mode and a Beach mode that allows ground tracking even in wet salt sand.


  • Adjustable Notch Discrimination
  • Automatic Ground Balance with AutoTrac®
  • Backlit Display
  • Beach Mode
  • Coin/Jewelry Mode
  • Depth Reading
  • Lightweight
  • On/OFF Button
  • Salt and Freshwater
  • Tone ID
  • Two-year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Waterproof 9" Spider Coil
Introductory Video
Display Demo Thumbnail of First Display Demo
  • Audio Output: Speaker & 1/4" Headphone
  • Batteries: 8 "AA"
  • Battery Life: 20
  • Optional Coils: Eclipse Family
  • Standard Coil: 9"
  • Frequency: 14

MX5 Quick Look

I just finished bench testing a production MX5, and since everyone has been
asking about it, I thought I'd post some top-level info and results. As I
have done other units, I'll add field test notes as I complete other testing
.... They've started hitting dealer shelves so keep an eye peeled ....


Type: VLF - IB
Freq: 14 Khz
Programs: 2 (Coin / Beach)
Search Modes: Disc / Beach / All Metal
Tracking: AutoTrack
Search Audio: Threshold with selectable Tone ID
All Metal Audio: Selectable VCO / Non VCO
Audio Output: Speaker / Phones (1/4" stereo jack)
Stock Coil: 9" Concentric Spider
Coil Compatibility: All Eclipse Series
Weight: 3 lbs 9 oz
Length: 45 - 60"
Power: 8 AA batteries (Pack is like CM GT / 6T)
Battery life: About 30 hours (24 hours with backlight on)
Warranty: Standard 2 year
MSRP: $600.00

I unpacked the MX5 and set up per instructions. Nothing unusual or special.
The housing is CM GT but gray like previous 6T.

Powered up and noted chatter right off the bat. I had received a "heads up"
that this unit requires a manual ground balance (just bob the coil up and
down a few times), for quiet ops, so I did the obligatory balance and sure
enough the unit quieted down.

I looked over the features and functions as described in the 23 page Owner's
Manual, and watched the included DVD. I found both to be helpful, as there
are some "switch combinations" required to activate / deactivate specific
functions, but they are covered in the manual and in the DVD.

Depth Performance:

After familiarizing myself with the unit, I ran some air testing. Setup was
Coin Program, Sensitivity = 8, All ferrous rejected, Tone ID = 8. VCO = ON
and a light, comfortable threshold. The unit could "see" a quarter with Tone
ID and solid VDI at a safe 8". If I bumped the Sense up to Max I could get
the quarter at 10" in Disc mode with good VDI. I could get a "chirp" at
close to a foot.

All Metal showed the quarter at 12" with a definite VCO audio change.


Setting Accept / Reject criteria within the 20 ranges is easy. Arrow to the
range and press Disc to Select / Reject.

All coins / tabs / etc tested as expected with "standard VDI readings" for
all targets.

The "notch out" in the 20 selectable "ranges" was accurate and results as

Note' bene': Ala 6T, the VDI is still displayed in All Metal mode.
Discrimination is disabled as is Tone ID.


I found the tracking to be stable and quite responsive. I could "track out"
the rebar as well as the mineralization in my driveway pavers and still get
an accurate VDI on all targets.

Tracking is still active in All Metal mode, so motion is required to
maintain a target in this mode. If you hover over a target in All Metal mode
it will "track out". As in other Whites units, Pinpoint mode locks tracking
and no motion is required.


Pinpointing with the 9" concentric is easy and accurate. With VCO (pitch
increase) or without (audio level increase) pinpointing was "spot on".
Highest pitch / strongest audio = target in center of coil. Best results are
achieved if you initiate the pinpoint process OFF the target ....

Note' bene': I found that pinpoint depth was just a bit deeper with VCO =
ON. Might be because I am used to running with VCO audio enabled on ALL my

The display readout changes from VDI to Depth when Pinpoint mode is

Controls are compact enough to be "run with one thumb", but large enough for
easy manipulation. An exception is when changing from VCO = ON to OFF. One
must press the PP switch and then the UP or DOWN arrow key to change VCO

Pressing Pinpoint + Select simultaneously is used to change the depth
readout between In and Cm ...


There are three Tone ID modes:

1 Tone Coin and Beach. Accepted VDIs = Tone. Reject VDIs = No tone

2 Tone Coin and Beach. Accepted VDIs above 0 = High tone. Accepted VDIs
below 0 = Low tone. Rejected VDIs = No tone

8 Tone Coin and Beach. 8 Tones for 8 VDI ranges. Accepted = Tone. Rejected =
No tone.


Best depth was achieved by using a light "barely audible" threshold.
Can be set to 0 to emulate a "silent search" machine. Not recommended as I
found this to have an adverse effect on depth.


Adjustable to user comfort.


The backlight is an ON / OFF function, but is set at a comfortable level,
usable even in daylight. Selected with "Lightbulb" (Backlight) switch on the
control panel. Running the Backlight continuously will reduce battery life
by approximately 20%

Stand-by mode:

Tapping the ON / OFF switch puts MX5 in a "Stand-by" mode for quiet target
recovery. The display replaces the VDI readout with two horizontal lines to
let you know you're in standby. In case you forget, the unit will "chirp" at
you after 30 seconds. After 5 minutes of unattended "stand-by" mode MX5
powers down.

Built In Resets:

Press Power + Beach to reset current program to factory settings.

Press Power + Select to reset all programs to factory settings.

End of the day quick look:

MX5 offers a lot of features / $$ in a lightweight, easy to learn, easy to
use package. I am impressed with the balance and how "intuitive" the
controls are. The Owner's Manual and DVD are complete and easy to

The unit is stable and the 14Khz is not as sensitive to EMI as the 3Khz DFX
/ 2.5Khz V-machines.

I am extremely happy to see the compatibility with the Eclipse coil line.
This makes MX5 much more of an "investment" than a "purchase", as
accessories can be shared by / among other units including M6 / MXT / MXT
Pro / DFX / VX3 and V3i.

MX5 is an excellent addition to the Whites lineup. Reasonably priced ($600),
lots of features, easy to learn and use. For someone wanting to upgrade from
an older unit and who's looking for "light and feature-rich", MX5 fills the

Product Reviews

  • bo
  • 2/1/2016
all around detector
Bought my mx5 last year love it, backlight is great can stay out after dark own a m6 too both are great units , customer service is a plus with whites wouldn't buy another brand ever. Thanks

  • Mattbull
  • 2/1/2015
Best bang for the nuck
The MX5 is a great detector and very deep. Stock coil finds quarter easily over 10 inches deep in the fairly mineralizes soil around Charleston SC. Stick the 4x6 Shooter coil on for trashy areas and it's hard to beat. I really like the suspend mode while digging a target.
  • Dano
  • 12/23/2014
Has Geat Features and Separation...
I have hunted since the 80's. Back then you just dug the good sounds. Still true today. With the MX5 you can pass some of the junk if you want to. I found if you run the detector slow over multiple targets, it will separate a coin from other stuff. I just watch the numbers and listen to the tones...My house was built in 1938, so the yard is full of stuff. So far I have dug a 1930 Standing Liberty Quarter, the best find so far.

I have dug silver and clad dimes. And quite a few Lincoln and Wheat pennies. I have a double lot. The house has been removed on the other lot and has two driveways and sidewalks...So I can just go out the door and start hunting... I am in my 60's so that's great...Its super exercise. Once I get most of the coins out, I can switch to all metal mode and dig the copper and lead if I want to...The yard is full of it, from the house that was torn down...It looks like the MX5 is going to be fun to use. And is great for the price. It has some fun features to play with, but does not cost $1000.00. Can't wait to take it to the parks here and see what it does... The pinpointers are a new thing for me also. Something new to try. Looks like they can make for digging smaller plugs and save time etc. Going to pick up a TRX and give it a try...
  • Benjamin
  • 10/23/2014
Found ring for widowed woman.
I never had a metal detector except for a very cheap one my parent's bought me back in the early 1970s as a christmas present. A few days ago my father bought an MX5 and told me to take it home and learn how to use it. The next day I stopped at an old house and asked for permission to use the detector on her property, she said to keep a look out for her husband's wedding band that she had lost gardening in a particular flower bed. He had died after they had been married for 52 years. The detector was hard to use in the small raised flower bed, so I thought she might have lost it between the bed and her front door while taking off her gloves etc.. After a very short search I found it for her, she was so happy she started to cry. It was a rewarding experience. I got to keep a Lincoln penny and a few small brass fittings I found as trophies of my first day of real metal-detecting.
  • Wisconsin Lockman
  • 8/18/2014
I have been out detecting and the last few times out I have been trying out my MX5 with the White’s 4x6DD Shooter Coil. I would like to say, I’m impressed with the operation of this very light awesome little machine. It is a great combination for working street construction sites. The back light is super in the evening hours. I got caught in the rain with it and didn’t have a problem with the machine getting wet. I wiped it down when I got back to my vehicle. I recommend this machine as a great starter machine for the beginning Detectorist and a great backup machine for the seasoned veterans.
  • Bob
  • 10/27/2013
MX5 is the best on the market for the money
I hunted in all metal & could hear faint targets many times that were off to the side of me. when I locked on to the signal I would switch back to coin & read the vdi. this approach let me cover a lot more ground. good targets always repeated.

The bottom line on the MX 5 is that in my opinion it's the best metal detector on the market for the money. the things I love most about this detector are the tones, depth & threshold. check the pics out on recoveries.
  • curt
  • 10/20/2013
As an experienced mxt owner/user the mx5 exceeded my expectations.
The volume control is awesome. I hunted without headphones for about 1 hour with threshold and target response set where I could hear it but not everyone else in the park. A very nice feature.
Just for fun I notched out everything thru 20 and checked a pull tab which remained silent. Ten minutes later I dug a nickel after a clear beep. Not sure if this will hold true but time will tell.
We found 8 quarters 3 dimes 1 nickel 2copper and 3 zinc pennies, and a star shaped necklace charm. This was in a heavily hunted area. The mx5 seems to target I. d. more accurately the difference between pennies and dimes versus my mxt. It feels much lighter.
I love my mxt and after only one hour on the mx5 I can already see endless possibilities. Overall I am delighted and anxious to get back out and learn more about the features of this fine detector. Way to go Whites!
  • Bill
  • 10/17/2013
Pin-pointed a quarter 10" deep
Took it out of the box and pin-pointed a quarter 10" deep in my highly ironized yard.
  • No nickname, just Monte
  • 10/16/2013
A handy, compact, very versatile detector has just joined my carry arsenal!
If folks feel they can only afford one detector that's very functional, and the MXT Pro was out of heir price range, I have gladly recommended the M6, for very good reasons. It works great, is affordable, and because I have owned and used the M6 since it was released. It has a very proven record afield with me, my family and friends. While the MXT Pro is my #1 all-purpose detector, and the VX3 is my 'cruising unit,' I have now positioned my MX5 on back seat with the others in my daily travels. This getting old and falling apart thing has driven me to needing a handy and light-weight, yet highly versatile detector, and the MX5 is it! I'll likely add my 3rd set of batteries tomorrow because it is getting a lot of field time, and I really enjoy this new model. MXT Pro/M6 performance, plus a bit, in a terrific package.
  • Paul
  • 9/27/2013
Packed with features and lightweight
For those who have wanted more than a Coinmaster model but are not quite ready to pay for an MXT Pro the MX5 will be perfect choice. It is packed with great features and lightweight! You won't be disappointed.
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