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Earn 76 Accessory Dollars

The Spectra® V3i is White’s premier metal detector. We’ve included all our treasure-hunting features, and your investment is backed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty.

The beautiful, full-color HD display clearly explains the depth and metal type of detected objects.The V3i is always ready to go with its rechargeable battery and ready to help with an onboard reference guide.

If you’re just starting out, the V3i has 9 presets, giving you turn-on-and-go versatility that fits your terrain and target, whether it’s coins, jewelry, relics of the past, or gold nuggets.

Expert users will appreciate the V3i’s dozens of optional settings that can be changed in real time via dashboard controls. You’ll experience unparalleled depth and sensitivity, even in previously-hunted areas!


  • 3 Optimized Hunting Frequencies
  • 3 x 3 Target ID System
  • 9 Preset Hunting Programs
  • Adjustable Backlight
  • Color-Keyed Disc Pattern
  • Dozens of Expert Menu Options
  • Full-Color High Definition Display
  • Language
  • Live Controls for Real-Time Adjustments
  • On-board Quick Reference Guide
  • Owner Registration (Software Embedded)
  • Polar Plot Vector Screen
  • Prospecting Scan
  • Six-Block Menu
  • Soil Type Select
  • Wireless Ready
Introductory Video
Display Demo Thumbnail of First Display Demo
  • Adjustable Length: 44" > 52"
  • All Metal Audio: Array
  • Audio Output: Speaker & 1/4" Headphone
  • Batteries: 8 "AA" + NiMH
  • Battery Life: 8-10
  • Disc Audio: All Options
  • Optional Coils: Eclipse Family
  • Standard Coil: 10" (DD)
  • Number of Presets: 9+
  • Frequency: 2.5 kHz, 7.5 kHz, 22.5 kHz


Product Reviews

  • Samidmo
  • 5/20/2016
Poco profundo
Pero cuendo hablamos de profundidad se ha quedado muy corta comprado con otros detectores.
  • Dirt Fever
  • 1/21/2016
Kickn Butt!
I regularly hunt with two guys, one using a ctx 3030 and the other uses At-Pro, both very nice machines but at the end of the day I have dug less holes and walked away with more keepers in my pouch using the V3i. It's a machine that's needs to be learned to reach its full potential but as of now it's definitely the machine to own in my opinion! The only thing that would make it better is if it were waterproof to at least a shallow depth. Recover speed adjustment, coil type, sensitivity, and the three frequency bars along with analysis puts this machine ahead of any other!
  • NMTH
  • 1/15/2016
Tried the rest...
I've had 7 new detectors. Fisher Gold Bug Pro, Garrett ATX, Minelab Eureka Gold, Tesoro Silver, Deux, and a (suprisingly good) $35 (on sale) cheapo unit. Each have their bright spots. Since junk is often the main challenge, the White's V3 (with the "i" factory upgrade) is what I keep coming back to. Deep iron when I want it, coins and goodies in and among massive trash, moderately deep caches, gold copper and silver nuggets, and even high-grade ore (these last two categories are my favorite). With the SEF aftermarket coil, I dig tiny stuff waaaaay deep when I am ambitious. Chatty as heck when wide open, but between the sound and the shape of the graph/display, I mostly always know when I'm about to dig something good. Not recommended for highly mineralized or hot rock areas if you only want to prospect - get a PI machine and avoid (any brand's) CW (AKA VLF) machines.
  • Brandon
  • 9/10/2015
Alot of Features
I have had Minelab Safari, phew those fliute sounds will drive you nuts, Way more custom features and fine tuning capabilities with the v3i. Glad I made the switch.
  • Bart
  • 8/27/2015
The Best "All Around" Detector on the Market Today
I have had several brands of detectors before my V3i, and still have a few others today but this is my go-to detector by far. Hunting trashy areas is the key to finding the good stuff, but bottle caps absolutely drive me nuts when I think I'm about to pull a quarter! With a simple squeeze of the trigger I can quickly determine green = dig, red = walk on. Polar plot is my second favorite expert menu section, giving you a very good indication of trash or treasure!

I would honestly say get the V3i, but pass on the wireless headphones, I find them to be clunky and living in the West, in the desert areas I prefer ear buds as I like a wide brim hat. Bart, Las Vegas www.treasurehuntingleads.com
  • V3i Sweeper
  • 8/15/2015
The key to finding more treasure and less trash
No if and or buts about it. It was love at first sight. Studied the V3i for 2 years before I purchased. The best metal detector made today. Full color display, professional adjustments that can be made on the fly, EMI... We don't need any stink'n EMI. This machine laughs at EMI.

Just save your money and get the V3i. Why upgrade every 2 years? The V3i will make sure you will enjoy this hobby. It's like you can see what's in the ground before you even dig it. Sweep Beep and Dig the Whites V3i. You will be glad you did! Check out my field use with the V3i on YouTube. See for your self. The V3i Sweeper channel.
  • Steve from Ohio
  • 6/30/2015
The most adaptable detector made
I love my V3i. It can adapt to any condition and is excellent in trashy areas. The coil selection for the V3i is great and I use the 5.3 and the 950 coil along with the D2. Each has its own abilities and combining them with the adaptability of the V3i, you get the best land based all purpose detector ever made.
  • 1/21/2014
The best multipurpose detector I've ever used! The V3i gives me multiple ways to analyze targets, multiple ways to adjust to changing conditions, and allows me to spend the majority of my time digging good targets!
  • h2oyo
  • 1/19/2014
Great detector
The White's V3i is a great machine. It will work in any field and find things at good depths. This is because you can set it up to run and run well in just about anything. Yes it takes sometime to learn, but it's time well spent and the machine is money well spent. I love this machine!
  • Berettabound
  • 1/18/2014
Cant go wrong
I purchased this a year ago after getting hooked on the hobby with a cheaper brand. I figured get the top of the line and will be able to use it for years. I had no idea how great this thing is. It has so many options and changes that can be made to make it your own. I have dug dimes out at over 9 inches deep on ground I know I went over with other machine. It is a great machine well worth every penny. I would get the wireless headphones with it, makes it even better.
  • 6mcuff
  • 1/18/2014
Only Detector You Will Ever Need
This is my second White's machine. It has a little bit of a learning curve but once you get it down it will reward you to no end.
  • jp
  • 12/10/2013
A great detector once you learn the tweaks it is even a better detector. And yes, Minelab may be better at a pick up and go, but once you learn the V3i you will go just as deep and in some cases deeper. Plus you can do more all around hunting with the V3i. The V3i is a lifetime detector to do it all! Truly and awesome machine.
  • Giant056
  • 10/24/2013
It's the best VLF out there in my opinion
I've made some fantastic finds with my V3i, I bought it right after they were introduced, I admit I was skeptical going from the MXT to the V3i but I've never turned my head back. This machine will find them deep coins and jewelry. I've also dug some nice relics with it too. I've found my rarest coin to day (1885 V nickel) and about a month ago I dug my deepest ever big silver, it was over a foot deep cause I put my lesche in the hole and there were still a couple inches of dirt above the handle. Its a beautiful walker.
  • Leonard
  • 10/19/2013
The Whites V3i is the cadillac of Detectors
When I purchased my V3i from Whites I was so excited to take it out treasure hunting, and when I did my very first find with the V3i was a 1892 Barber dime! Why is this such a great detector? Well, because it finds the deeper targets that a regular detector cannot reach. I detected right over that 1892 Barber dime prior to my Whites V3i sometime ago with a regular detector and kept on walking! The Whites V3i is a easy to use, has great handling, light weight, and comes with all the bells and whistles. Thanks for a wonderful Machine!
  • Mortamus
  • 10/17/2013
Finest Machine out there
This was my first machine and there was no buyers remorse, and after two years its still finding what I want to find.
In this price range there is no machine that can top this one. From a beginner to a expert this is the machine to own period. From Gold to parks, beaches etc . When the V3i speaks...I listen..
  • Brooklyn Hunter
  • 10/16/2013
One Great Detector!
I have the V3i since 2010 and it has performed extremely well. The technology and build quality is excellent. This detector allows for total customization of the unit. The more you use it the more it can be pushed to perform. In fact with the V3i, I have a detector that I continue to grow with. I highly recommend this unit for both the beginner and Pro alike! Thank you Whites for such a great product!!!
  • Tim
  • 10/15/2013
Easy to use and a awsome machine!
I bought my V3i one year ago and I have not regretted one moment of using it. The 9 programs are very easy to use and the way you can make your own program is bar none. This machine is a depth monster and a treasure magnet! Spend the money and get the best...The V3i. Thanks whites for making this incredible machine! Tim
  • Michael
  • 12/14/2012
V3i is always up to the task
The flexibility of the detector and it programs means the V3i is always up to the task. It continues to produce results from the over hunted local parks to the beaches on the California coast.

Thank you for a great machine!
  • Bill
  • 7/8/2012
V3i makes my first experience with detectors great
I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how much fun I've had with my new V3i. I purchased the V3i as my first detector. I found it to be easy to use for someone new to the hobby.

Within the first year I have found well over $1000 in coins. Gold rings and chains, silver rings and silver chains as well as bracelets are all found on a regular basis. Foreign coins from Australia, Ukraine, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and many other places add to the mix. I have a pile of tokens, new and old, from a broad spectrum of businesses.
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