P/N 801-3235-1
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Super 12 Search Coil for Spectra V3, DFX™, MXT™, and M6. This new 12" concentric coil is designed for maximum depth and ground coverage in moderate to low mineralized grounds. 12" V3


  • Waterproof
  • Frequency: 3-22.5 kHz
  • Size: 12"
  • Configuration: Modified Concentric
  • Coil Weight: 1.5

Product Reviews

  • Guy
  • 12/10/2014
so far its great
I air test it with a penny and it was over 13" deep. I went out yesterday and pinpointing was right on and sounded great It was little heavy. Need to go to a clean rich dirt where items are deep and see what will happen then. Will work only with the V3I.
  • Bubba 460
  • 10/15/2014
This is a must have coil for deeper relics, coins etc....
It does not seem any heavier then the stock 950 coil, but will get you a couple more inches of depth in good to moderate ground. It is sensitive for its size to small targets. Great for covering a lot of open ground or woods with an extended lower rod, you'll cover about 13 feet a swing. I use it relic hunting and it's my go to coil for most cases. It's very good for it's size in light trashy areas but there comes a time to put on a much smaller coil when playing in heavy trash. One of White's best coils in my opinion ~ Been using it since it came out, can't live without it.
  • Paul
  • 10/5/2014
good but heavy
Good coil but a little heavy for the MXT Pro. I have found a lot of coins with this coil. Very deep detecting.
  • Daily Digger
  • 10/27/2013
Way to heavy
This coil is way too heavy and may add a slight depth advantage over the D2
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