This guide will help you determine when your detector really needs servicing and needs to be sent to one of our White's Authorized Service Centers or when there is something you can do yourself to address the situation.



Troubleshooting Steps

1. My detector will not start up. What should I do?

Check the batteries. If you are using a C-Cell holder, make sure the batteries are new and not corroded. You can obtain a battery tester at most hardware stores. Make sure your battery holder is clean and the contacts where the batteries are touching are clean. Also, the battery contact springs on the detector sometimes get dirty and need to be cleaned.

2. I charged my NiCad battery several weeks ago, and when I went out to hunt my battery voltage started getting low. Is my battery bad?

Not necessarily. After charging a NiCad battery, the voltage will tend to drain down over time. The best idea is to charge the NiCad the day before you are going to hunt. That way you will know you have a good charge.

3. I own an underwater detector and was out hunting but didn't get my lid on correctly. Now my detector is full of water. What should I do?

Water can be very damaging to any electronics. Salt water can damage a unit in just several days. First, remove the lid and the cover that holds the electronics. The cover can be taken off carefully with a small flat-head screwdriver. Flush the detector completely with water, especially if it has been exposed to salt water. Then dry as much of the unit as you can with a towel. Use a hair dryer at a low setting to dry any remaining water. Just be careful not to get the hair dryer too close where it starts to melt or damage the electronics.

4. I know my detector needs servicing. Won't I get better service by sending it back to the Factory?

All of our White's Authorized Service Centers are staffed by highly trained technicians. Most of them have many years of experience repairing White's detectors. The service centers are informed immediately of any upgrades or changes to circuits. In many cases, mailing it to your local service center will save you on shipping costs alone.

5. Where do I find my closest service center?

You will find the closest location on our White's Authorized Service Centers guide page.

6. I own a detector that has a standard meter, and the needle sticks about half way up. Is it broken?

Maybe not. There are times when the meter will get a static charge buildup and will cause this to happen. Just use a damp soapy cloth and wipe over the meter to remove any static charge.

7. When I plugged a new pair of headphones into my detector, I only get sound out of one side.

Some detectors have a mono phone jack and will cause this to happen. If your headphones have stereo/mono switch, just move the switch over to mono.

8. I was hunting on the beach, and when I ground balance the detector I get an error saying "not able to balance."

In some areas of the country, there are not enough minerals in the ground (especially at the beach) for the detector to balance to. So the detector will ground to the default setting. This is normal. Once you hunt inland, you will notice the detector will ground balance normally.

9. I turned my detector on today and my menu screen started to scroll.

We get many calls each year with this question. Your toggle is in the lock position. Just return the toggle switch on the handle to the center position and the scrolling will stop.