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Item Found: Jewelry

Location: South Carolina

Metal Detector Used: M-Series (800-0308)

February 1st, 2010
   Dear White's,

I am writing this story to tell you about one of the greatest finds that I found with a White's metal detector. I am very new to the sport of metal detecting and I frequent eBay so one day I bought a Goldmaster II as I had just gotten interested in prospecting. The machine was delivered UPS and I opened it up and turned it on. For being an old machine it worked very well but I am such a novice that it just was a little too technical for me. I immediately went to the White's website and looked for a local dealer that maybe I could talk to about this machine.

I Found an Electronics shop called Noble Electronics that was about ten miles from my house. I headed out towards that shop on a Friday afternoon. I brought my Goldmaster II into the shop and explained my situation to the owner... Grady was very polite and very knowledgeable about the machine that I had and he showed me that it was in perfect working condition. So my questions about the machine were answered and then some. Grady saw I was quite interested in metal detecting as a whole and while there he showed me the MXT.

Seeing the MXT and what it could do compared to the Goldmaster and also compared to the Bounty Hunter that I owned at the time ( Please don't hold that against me- as I bought it cheap as a starter detector) I was kind of mad that I hadn't met Grady earlier and waited to Buy an MXT instead of the used Goldmaster I bought.

I spent about close to two hours at Grady's shop, with him showing me the buttons and old coins he had found. I was like a whole new world had been shown to me and I had a key to the door. Only I didn't have the tool I wanted.... the MXT. After leaving the shop and going home I decided I was going to sell the Goldmaster II and my bounty hunter and use the money to buy an MXT- both detectors were sold that weekend.

On Monday I returned to Noble Electronics and told Grady that I was deficient in a MXT and I bought it that day. So now this is the part of the story where you expect me to tell you that it was so easy to use and I found this and I found that..... true. I did find it very easy to use and yes I found a couple rings and lots of clad change, silver charms, etc.... but that's not why I am writing to you. Yes I did find some worthwhile items.... I will tell you this.

The first day I went to a Park after Grady set up the MXT for me I found a penny and some other change. I came back to see Grady the next day as he said If I had any questions for him to call or come back. We talked about the machine and he said "After time the things that you find will eventually add up and the machine will pay for itself..." I told Grady that from what he had taught me about the machine and the magic that happened when I found my first target with my real brand new White's detector... which was a penny.... the machine paid for itself alone with just that one find.

I kept coming in about twice a week to see Grady and tell him about my hunts and show him what I found. He took time away from working and talked to me and taught me about the detector, showed me things that I was doing wrong, and kept adding every time I came in to the things that I had learned before. Each time I went away with more and more insight and knowledge about metal detecting and about my detector.

The person in Cayce SC who represents White's Metal Detectors is an amazing person. White's is so lucky to have someone like Grady representing their product. You can buy that kind of advertising and caring in the world of consumer transactions. Grady is just an amazing person and White's should be ever so grateful to have him representing them.

The underlying message of this whole story.... This story is not about a button, a gold coin, or a ring. This story is about people. Grady made sure that people matter. I know this because I experienced it firsthand. people matter! The man who represents White's Metal Detectors in Cayce SC at Noble Electronics- that man is caught up in people!


Owner of MXT & Beach Hunter ID (bought it used)
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