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Item Found: Coin


Metal Detector Used: MXT

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Versatile high-performance detector that's easy to use with 3 distinct programs for prospecting, relic hunting, and coins and jewelry.

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April 1st, 2010


I started Metal Detecting 4 years ago when friend loaned me an inexpensive detector and invited me to a hunt downtown. What an experience that was. I found a few things and it was great fun. From that point on I spent the innumerable days summer and winter with friends going several times a week. After the day was done, we would all storm my parent's home like a flock of teenagers to share our finds. My dad would check the dates on the coins and mother would check out the jewelry and shiny stuff.

My mother would sometimes like to ride to the parks where she could sit in the car in the shade and enjoy the fountains and people watch while I detected. Mom especially liked my favorite volleyball court close to the Sonic Drive in where she would always get her favorite milkshake. If there was a shade tree to park under, mom was game to go. At 89 years old, Mom was still able to ride with me to metal detect several times this spring and summer and enjoyed it immensely. We were at a small park and it was such a beautiful day, the fountain was gorgeous and kids were playing everywhere. I hunted for a while and found a silver ring and took it over to her in the car. She put in on, gee, just fit her perfect! Yup, she kept that one, until the day she passed away about two months later. What fun we had together and I have great memories of sharing my hobby with her and always will cherish every memory.

One January I was in the balmy 80 degree pottery studio working and watching the snow and wind blow outside. I kept thinking what good snow we would soon have to snowmobile on. The cell rang and it was Kay. She was in a park about 15 blocks away and had two good finds located but couldn't retrieve them. They were frozen in the ground and what did I have in my truck to help her dig them out. Everything of course, except my gloves!

I gathered my digging tools and water bottles and trudged over. We worked and dug and chipped and used all the water and finally retrieved the two targets. One was a silver beaded earring and the other an elongated crystal wrapped in silver. Both great finds! We were frozen, but we got them and she was so pleased to win a first with the crystal piece at the next meeting. Only with Kay...it was always an adventure. Yes, we did return the next day, snow, ice and wind and found a few more items.

It's been a year of great sadness along with great joys. Metal detecting greatly enriched my life as well as those around me. I truly received those "rewards" Kay promised, manifested in joy with my family, great friends, and a lifetime hobby of adventure. May we all have fruitful and happy detecting days. Best wishes and good luck to all...and never give up!


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