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Item Found: Beach

Location: Northwest

Metal Detector Used: Spectra Series (800-0284)

April 2nd, 2014

Yesterday I was working a section of beach that most recently has been affected by the high tides this past while. Quite a bit of sand has been displaced, and I am working ground that hasn't seen the light of day for some time. I was using my DFX with a mixed mode beach program that I favor, and after finding two wheat pennies dated 1910 and 1919, I hit a target that registered in the gold range. Pinpointing the target, the depth read at 3-1/2 inches, and to my delight of course, I pulled a really pretty 18k white gold wedding band with three diamonds from the sand. The ring has two prongs -- one on each side of the diamonds -- so I am sure there is a second part of this set still around somewhere -- no doubt another 18k band with an engagement ring diamond. Yes, I did resweeps the initial hole, and did a spiral pattern out to 50 feet or so, looking for that other ring. Since this area is in an estuary and river bed affected by the tides, the other ring could very well be upriver or downriver -- just waiting to be found. So you don't have to guess what I will be doing these next few days. The DFX has been a trusty companion, and although most of my targets are within 8-9 inches of the surface, I occasionally dig deeper targets that give me a whisper -- 14-16 inches at times. One of my memorable coins from the past 6 months came from this same area here on the north coast. I was detecting in among some rocks and gravel and a faint signal came right through the rocks. I turned over some of these stones, reswept the loop, and down at 7 inches, now received that half dollar-dollar signal that is always so sweet. Carefully digging down and to the side of the centered target, I came up with a 1944 Walking Liberty Half dollar in really nice condition -- what we numismatists would call a VF or very fine coin. Love my DFX and its capabilities! A big thank you once again to White's Electronics for making detectors that work so well, and give so much pleasure to the treasure hunters like me who are out there nearly every day.

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