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Item Found: Coin

Location: Georgia

Metal Detector Used: Other (800-0284-1)

April 1st, 2013

Dear White's,

Every once in a while, you have one of those feel good stories- I would like to share mine. I purchased my DFX 300 2 years ago, after I retired and have posted several stories of great finds. I was detecting off of an old road where a neighbor told me that there used to be some old homes on this site during the turn of the century.

These homes were built to support the employees for an old mill across the street. Well back to the detecting, I worked the area, and had some great finds. I found a 1934 mercury dime, IH penny-1904, buffalo nickel that was toasted and 6 wheaties. I started working closer to the curb, which looked as if it was the original curb. We have seen these before, worn down from age not matching the grade of the road or the adjacent sidewalk. Close to the end of the curb that grades down to the end of the road I had a good signal, but seemed odd with the sound.

I pinpointed it, dug the plug, and at 6 inches saw this large round object at the bottom of my hole. I picked it up and brushed the dirt off of it, and I immediately knew who it was, and had a good idea of what it was. I took it home cleaned it up and it was in amazing shape.

What I was holding was a commemorative medallion, from the furniture store J. J. Haverty. Which I knew the home office was in Atlanta, GA. out 55 miles southeast of where I had found the medallion. The medallion was detailed and it had Mr. Haverty's image on the medallion, which was about 2 inches thick, and 5 inches in diameter. It had been made like a coin, and read “The 50th anniversary of JJ HAVERTY'S FURNITURE COMPANY,1885-1935”.The back had wheat reaves like a cent coin. The next day I made a call to the headquarters of J.J. HAVERTY'S and left a voicemail and a detailed message of what I had found, not knowing if they had one in their archives or not.

Three weeks went by and then I received a call from Orin Haverty, the great, great grandson of the original J.J. Haverty. He told me that they has been on the fourth floor of the building, which is the historic floor for the company, and that they had a curio with archives of the 1935 anniversary, but did not have the medallion. My immediate response was “You do now!” He was elated that I was going to give it to them.

The very next day I drove down, had lunch with Mr. Haverty, and then he took me up to the historic floor and showed me the curio that held the 1935 anniversary archives. He opened the door and I placed the medallion which was brass (I had cleaned it) inside the curio. It looked brand new. When he closed the door I could see the look in his eyes of seeing some history that he did not have before. He was very excited to have this coin in his possession now.

He gave me some autographed historic books of the company and as I was leaving I looked back at the curio and had that funny feeling of something good had just happened. Two weeks later I received a check from Mr. Haverty for $200. Of course I do not metal detector for the rewards, but to return history whenever I can.

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