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Item Found: Coin

Location: Southeast

Metal Detector Used: Spectra Series (NONE)

May 2nd, 2014

I recently took a friend, who has been asking about metal detecting, hunting a couple of days after we had snow. He knew nothing about metal detectors except they find metal in the ground. So, I took him and my White’s V3i out to a large high school football stadium parking lot for a little training. I knew this would be a good place to find an assortment of targets with varied conductivity. After taking him through a tour of the menus and programs, I showed him how to move the coil across the ground with a good sweep speed. I showed him the VDI and Target ID by placing a few planted coins in the ground so that he could see how they come up on the V3i display. We moved from the test area out into the hunting ground, where I turned him loose with the White’s V3i. We recovered pull tabs, bottle caps, foil, and other trashy items along with many clad coins. He asked why can’t we just pass up the trash so that we can just get the good stuff. I explained discrimination and how we could set up the V3i to notch out or discriminate certain trash out, but we reduce our chances of finding some really good stuff like gold rings or other jewelry items. I explained that within the trash there can be the treasure. Let’s just say that what happens next proves this point completely. We continued on and he hits a target that sounds like a clad quarter going one way with the coil sweep and a bottle cap going the other way with the coil sweep. I asked him what he though the item was before we started digging. He said it might be 2 different targets because there where 2 different target signals. I felt sure that we were going to find a clad quarter and maybe a bottle cap. Well, I was partially correct. I dug the plug and we started looking for the targets. The bottle screw cap came up first. My friend told me that the White’s V3i machine was right about one target but how about the other. We continued to look for what I thought to be a clad quarter but came out to be a 1944 silver Mercury Dime. WOW!!! What a great find I told him. He was so happy. He couldn’t believe that he found a silver coin the first time out metal detecting. He said the White’s V3i is an amazing detector that can give even a novice the power to find awesome targets with just turning on the machine and going. He told me next that he is sold on metal detecting, and he is sold on White’s Metal detectors. White’s, another customer is coming your way. Thanks for making machines that are easy to use for beginners and for the advanced users. It was a joy to see the same excitement and happiness in his face that I enjoy when I make those treasure finds too. It looks like I have a new hunting buddy.

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