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Item Found: Jewelry


Metal Detector Used: Other (800-0300)

February 10th, 2009

Dear White's,

During the past 1-1/2-years, I've been using my XLT to make some VERY nice recoveries but this find, by far, has been the most rewarding.

While hunting an old boy scout camp, I found a gold, high school class ring that was buried about 4" deep under an old tree. The only identifying features on this ring were two initials, a date of 1971 and a high school's logo crest.

I checked the local library where they had a 1971 yearbook on file for that high school and while looking through it I was able to find a student that had those initials. When I returned home, I checked the "white page" phone directory listings on the internet and the name of that particular student came up.

I called his phone number and asked if he went to that high school and he did. I then asked him if he still had his high school class ring and he said that he lost it in 1971. After he was able to describe his ring in detail and where it may have been lost, I told him I had found his ring. He was beyond words.

Being able to find a gold ring that's buried deep in the ground is amazing. . . but being able to find its owner and return it after 37-years is what "the hunt" is all about.

Kind regards,



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