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Item Found: Returned

Location: Southeast

Metal Detector Used: Spectra V3i

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Spectra V3i
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February 26th, 2014

My dear fellow Dirt Diggers!

I have an amazing story that I would love to share. 

Back in 1993 I moved out west because my mom got married, we were all over the northwestern states, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and more. When I was out there I was staying at a Ski Bowl in St. Marries ID; I saw some guys out on the hills and they were metal detecting. I asked them how did they like detecting, and they said they have been doing it since the 70'sand loved it. Well from then on I wanted a detector, so my father bought me one. It was the Whites Coinmaster 1 , and to this day I still have it.  

On to my story now. I was detecting in Lake Coeur D’Alene, in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, and was walking along just in the water. I had a good signal and reach down to dig it up. Up comes a 1993 class ring from New Plymouth, Idaho,  with the initials A.M.Y. I tried to find her back then, but it was hard. Over the years I have looked for her about 15 times or so but no luck. I was going through my things and I came across the ring. I decided to look for her again on her high school site. I called the high school, they told me that she moved further north in Idaho. I found her name there but no luck telling me where she was at the time. So I went to Facebook, typed her name in and sure enough I found that she had moved to Oklahoma. I found her phone number and I called her up, and asked her if she went to New Plymouth High School in Idaho. She said, "Yes"! I said, "I may have some thing that belongs to you, I found it in Lake Coeur D’Alene". She said, "my ring!". I asked her to describe it and she did. I told her I have had it for 21 years and have been looking for her. I sent it to her in August 2013. She was so happy and thanked me many times. I now keep in contact with her on Facebook

. 2nd Story: I have permission to dig at a church camp. I found a class ring from Southwestern High School in Hanover, Indiana at the camp. That night I got online, and WOW, within 20 minutes I found the owner. I called him up and asked if he went to that church camp and he said he did. I asked if he lost anything, he said yes my class ring. I asked him to describe the ring and he described it to the tee.  Sure enough it was his, he said he lost it 15 yrs ago while he was playing volley ball. He also got his ring back.  That same day I found the class ring I found an awesome silver ring, weighing in at 20.1 grams, that was my reward.  I love the ring and wear I now. I added some other pictures of things that I found last year in 2013. To all the beginners out there and novice hunters, good luck and happy digging!! I sure hope you can find and return someone's ring or precious memories to make someone’s day.

Thank You,

Eric Graham, Rising Sun, Indiana

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