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Item Found: Gold

Location: California

Metal Detector Used: Other (800-0300)

June 16th, 2009

Dear Whites,

Back in July of 2003, White's printed a story about my finds titled -- XLT hits the beach looking for elusive ring.

I never did find the ring that I was looking for but of the rings that I did find (refer to previous story), I didn't realize what value one of the rings was until recently.

Being on another beach this past year, I ran into another (White's) Metal detector swinger who told me that in some countries, they do not use the K stamp but use a C instead as a gold content designator.

Upon knowing this, I remembered that a gold ring that I found did have a 22 C stamped on the inside of it.

When I first dug up this ring, I thought it was costume jewelry. The color content didn't appear to me to be gold even though it was gold in color. This dullish look might have been due to it being in the salt water/sand for a long period of time. Had a sand blasted look. (refer to previous story).

Within the past year, I joined a Metal Detecting club here is southern California. Upon attending my first meeting, I did observe that this club had a couple of stations set-up where a person could analyze the metallic value of what a member may have found along with a station that could check if a stone was a diamond or not.

I always wondered if the ring shown on the upper left in this photo had two diamonds set in white gold so, I took this one to the next meeting plus decided that I would take the yellow gold colored costume jewelry Gum ball ring along as well.

To be honest with you, I truly expected that I was going to get the horse laugh on this gold ring but to my surprise, the gentlemen who tested it found it to be closer to 23 carat gold in content value rather then 22. In fact, he called some of the other close members over to look at this ring because, you normally never see a ring with this high of a gold content in it. He also mentioned that the color of this gold ring is the same color of raw gold that he would find in our local deserts.

This ring was then passed over to the stone checker sitting on his right. Within a few seconds, this man blurted out that it was truly a diamond with a stone size (yellow) roughly over 2.5 carats?

When he went to test it the second time to make sure, his equipment failed to work the second time.

Since that time, I have never taken this ring to have it appraised but looking into this stone, I do see that this stone has some inclusions in it which would be a characteristic of a gem quality stone?


PS: The other ring was sterling silver and the two diamond stones in it were not true diamonds according to the two testing units.

PSS: Since the printing of this story, I have found three additional rings in this same area of beach. Of interest, one is a mans 18 K gold (Two tone) wedding band with a slightly sand blasted look to it as well but apparently, this ring hasn't been subjected to the long time abrasiveness of the sand as the gum ball ring has been.

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