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Item Found: Coin

Location: Massachusetts

Metal Detector Used: Other (NONE)

August 1st, 2010
   My 2nd GW Inaugural Button found in MA!

This day started out like any other day I have had this year so far, lots of ground covered and nothing to really show for it. To put this in perspective, the entire beginning of 2010 had been a wash for me. Everyone I had been hunting with had found coins and relics that we all drooled about, all except me. We had been hunting for a couple hours with my brother Brian at a site we had basically pounded. After finding next to nothing, we decided to head back to a place we call "The Button Field".

Previously, last September, I had found my first GW button there, along with plenty of buttons and coins my crew had found. Within 15 minutes my brother shouted that he had found a coin. It turned out to be an 1817 LC. After a hearty congrats to him, I peered up to the edge of the field, once again in total dismay and despair. "Geez, once again it wasn't me!" I thought to myself. Where HAVEN'T WE done in this field!? Well, I thought, maybe I'll just skirt the edge and see what happens.

Within 30 yards I dug a nice, large flat button at 4". You have to understand that most everything we have dug in this field has been at 8"+ so without really looking at it, I stuck it in my pocket. After about 10 minutes I examined it again, figuring, well, MAYBE.......Well, maybe, happened! I couldn't believe my second GW!

This one is also a Cobb-17j and easy to tell because the talon holding the arrows is palm up. Normally sold in groups of 4, I guess we can still hope the other 2 are nearby. The second was found about 50 yards from the first. I have used White's Detectors for almost 10 years now and will always do so. I have found many relics and rare coins, and was featured in W&E Treasures magazine in May 2010, for the Royal Irish Artillery belt tip I found a couple years ago. This also made their "Best Finds of 2008" issue. I recently sold a CFT. 1783 British 1/2 penny for $3,750 in a Stacks auction. Classified as a 25-83A by Mike Ringo, it was only 1 of 3 known. Another sale of a Ryder 6 "Vermontensium", Landscape Vermont Copper netted me another $760.

The first GW I found, I will keep. The second will be sold. Don't tell me a White's metal detector isn't a good investment! Patience and Persistence, (and some good sites), are the key to my success. The stuff is out there!! All you have to do is find it! The darker button is the first one I found, which has already been cleaned. This one was bent in 1/2, and lost some detail when it was heated and bent back into place. (BY A PROFESSIONAL) The second has much more detail and is in better shape. Both came from the ground complete with shanks! I got double lucky in that aspect.

Good Luck and HH

Todd (MA)
(A.K.A.-- HOGGE on T- Net)

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