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Item Found: Cache

Location: Texas

Metal Detector Used: Spectra V3i

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November 1st, 2011

White's Electronics,

On August 10th 2011, while attempting to get in some much needed hunting time, during this excessive heat wave I managed to do some searching around the old Black Jack Oak tree on the property. While searching around this old tree got several signals that turned out to be pull-tabs when identified and recovered, got around to the northern side of the tree and the detector went kind of haywire on me.

Thinking it might be multiple signals masked by iron or similar small trash; I lowered the sensitivity and placed the detector in all-metal mode. This allowed me to hear the distinct multiple targets in the ground, so I started digging with my sand scoop into the sandy soil to a depth of about 4-6 inches and removed the dirt from the hole waved my coil back over the hole and could hear the targets screaming out at me.

Digging down another 3-4 inches I removed the scoop only to be staring into the hole that had been holding a small cache of silver coins that were scattered around the bottom. Seeing what appeared to be several silver round objects gleaming in the light of the remaining shade, I immediately ran for the cabin to yell for my brother and dad to come quick that I just had found my first cache of coins. In this hole there were a total of 12 coins, once completely extracted from the hole

1864 Civil War Era Two Cent Piece

1880 Morgan Silver Dollar

1914 Barber Dime

1916 Barber Dime

1943 Mercury Dime

1944 Mercury Dime

1963 Benjamin Half Dollar

1944 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Walking Liberty Half Dollar badly worn no date visible

2 No date Buffalo Nickels

A very worn trade token or coin with foreign writing on it

Thinking this day would be my best find yet I went out later that evening and found the cylinder to a pin-fire revolver just 15 feet from the new cabin at a depth of about 4 inches I have enclosed a few pictures of the coin cache and the revolver cylinder. Just goes to show you that there are always things to be found no matter how much we look, and the machines by Whites find it all if you give them the chance.

Truly treasured finds

Tom (TX)

PS still waiting on my new White’s VX3 machine to see what else I can locate and recover from history

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