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Item Found: Other

Location: Mid-West

Metal Detector Used: Spectra Series (800-0319-HP)

November 1st, 2013

I'm writing to tell you the story of my White's Spectra V3i survival in the May 20, 2013, Moore Oklahoma EF5 tornado. My wife and I watched the tornado take our home and everything in it through the rear view mirrors in my truck, as we high tailed it away. We returned later to find a heap of debris where our house once stood; 30 years of memories. Though we fared better than those that had lost loved ones as well as their home. In the days that followed, family and friends helped us recover irreplaceable's; photos, pieces of Grandmas china and the like that could be found. Among the twisted timber & bricks I spied my White's soft zipper bag that contained my Spectra V3i. I had to work awhile to clear a path to it; it was clearly nowhere near where I had it stored. The detector had been lifted out of the house, along with everything else, spent who knows how long swirling in the air then tossed into the debris field. To add insult to injury - the remains of the house was dropped on it. Once I got to it, I carefully brushed off the bag and laid it in the back of my truck. It didn't resemble a pretzel, but I was sure it was toast, I would have to check on it later - there was too many other pressing matters to attend to. The Spectra found its way into the corner of a storage unit, where it stood for weeks. I still hadn't even unzipped the bag, let alone try to turn it on - I was afraid to. During a recent weekend, now in my new house, my brother in-law was visiting. He being my "detector buddy"; we've been swinging detectors (always White's BTW) and telling lies for decades. He asked if I had checked out my Spectra yet, and I said I hadn't - in short order we were on the way to the storage unit. We unzipped the bag, pulling out the Spectra and inspected it; all seems straight and proper. I've never been able to completely close the zipper on the bag where the detector head pokes up. This cost me, as the screen took a hit from "something". Though that's all the external damage I could find; I was really happy about that. I placed a battery pack in it (my brother-in-law loaned me one, never found mine in the tornado debris). I crossed my fingers and turned it on. To my delight it lit up just like it always had and immediately let me know I was standing in an all metal storage unit. Even the scratched screen is in good working order. I was SO happy ! I carried it outside, a few swings over a clad quarter, and my wish had come true. The display, electronics, box, stem and coil were all intact - the Spectra V3i had kicked that EF5 tornado's butt and lived to tell the story. It's my only detector so when it lit up I was relived beyond belief. (sold my old 6000 Di/Pro on ebay after I had the V3i in hand.) I want to thank everyone at White's for building the best - and TOUGHEST - detector ever. Lifetime detectorist - Lifetime White's customer

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