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Item Found: Coin

Location: Michigan

Metal Detector Used: M-Series (800-0308)

December 1st, 2010
     White's Electronics,

It had been a nice sunny day when I checked into Newmar Customer Service in Nappanee IN to have service work performed on my motor home, I had been here last year and noticed when Amish Acres had their very large craft fair that they used the farm field across from the Newmar Service area for the fair parking, so the next stop after checking in at Newmar was to get permission from Amish Acres to metal detect the empty farm field. I always carry a detector with me when I travel and this would be a good way to pass time for the next two days while Newmar was working on my coach. I went by Amish Acres office there was a light on so I stopped and went in. Tom the general manager was working late and I explained to him I would be here for a few days and would like to detect the vacant field. He told me that it was OK with him and if anyone asked me to tell them I had his permission.

I awoke a 5:30 to get ready for the service people to pickup my coach for the needed repairs. One thing about Newmar and their Amish workers the day starts very early and you have to be ready at 6 am. While waiting for the service people I started to hear thunder then the flash of lighting, now it started to rain, Not a normal rain but a down pour so I went to the waiting area and hoped it would stop raining but it didn't and it poured all day. About dark it stopped raining so I grabbed my White's MXT and headed across the street. I just got started and right away I got a hit on a quarter that was about 8" deep after digging it up it turned out to be a 1979 quarter. I was working a small grid pattern and only moved a few feet and got another hit for another quarter at about 8" deep. It was starting to get dark and the mosquito's were really bad so I quit for the night with $1.32 in coins not bad for 1/2 hour hunting.

I awoke at 5:30 the next morning and to my sorrow it was pouring again what a disappointment I was looking forward to getting back into that field. The rain never stopped until 2 pm but as soon as it did I grabbed the MXT and headed for the field. I was sure glad I asked for approval as three workers stopped me and said that detecting wasn't allowed but as soon as I mentioned Toms' name they said OK and went about their work some stayed and watched and asked questions about the MXT. This was a large field about 50 acres so I started on the south east corner of the field closest to Amish Acres and worked a grid pattern of about 100 feet sq. Again I started getting hits right away and most were about 8" deep finding several quarters and dimes in years 1979 and 1980. I knew that I was going to find silver. Then I got a metal hit which turned out to be two old Hot Wheels with the 1979 date on the bottom. This was going to be my day and I knew the next hit was going to be a good coin or something of value. But as fate had it, it started to rain "NO" down pour again so I had to quit for the day.

The next morning I awoke to the sound thunder and lightning heavy winds and pouring rain. I sat in the waiting room across the street from that 50 acre field which I knew held treasure but Mother Nature just didn't want me to go again that day. Now my coach was completed and I would be started for home feeling both sad and happy because of the limited great fun I had in that field where I'm sure nobody has been before. I had found $4.87 in the late seventies coins and two old 1979 Hot Wheels in just a few hours but I know there is silver there but it will have to wait till next year service and you can be sure that I will try again to find it.

James (MI)

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