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Item Found: Relic

Location: Tennessee

Metal Detector Used: M-Series (800-0298)

February 1st, 2012

Dear White's,

I went hunting a Civil War campsite in Tennessee near where I live that we have been hunting for quite some time and had my best ever one day one hole find. Using my MXT Pro in relic mode I got a nice tone and bullet VDI number. When I dug the hole I removed a three ringer bullet. I stood up and scanned the hole and got multiple signals both in the hole and the dirt that I removed.

In all I recovered 18 bullets in that one hole and some of those signals were deep and very faint but the MXT sniffed them out. I love my MXT Pro as it is a great all round machine for all types of hunting, especially relic hunting which I love. Since purchasing my machine my relic finds have gone way up. Including some rare finds such as a Confederate Script "I" button with C S on it.

White's has a great machine in the MXT Pro. It is so easy to use and adjust to your settings. The tone ID is great for listening for your targets. Whether you are new to this hobby or have been hunting 30 years as myself I believe this machine will be the best machine you will ever have.


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