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Item Found: Unusual

Location: Wyoming

Metal Detector Used: Other (800-0313)

December 1st, 2010
     Dear White's Electronics,

I bought a Whites Classic 5 Metal detector back in November of 2009 with the hopes of using it on various trips my wife and I make. Due to teaching elementary special education nine months of the year and working on the house last summer, I never had a chance to use it or figure it out.

I teach at Wyoming Indian Elementary School here on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Last week I was out in the yard detecting lots of iron. The detector has a 3 position toggle switch that I had placed on a continuous tone. It also has a visual screen that reads various metals depending on the sensitivity setting. I was trying to feel comfortable with trusting what the detector was showing so I dug every hit up just to see if it matched. I hit on pieces of junk iron, pull tabs, old copper unused sprinkler heads that were about 3 inches down, 6 very corroded pennies that would move around under the grass due to my digging efforts, and a 1971 Canadian Nickel. The coins stayed in the transition area between the grass and the dirt. I was happy finding the coins every once in a while because junk iron gets old real quick! Whatever the detector said was pretty much what I dug up.

I was detecting around the foundation and yard of a house that had been moved, an area owned by the school district. They will be moving a new house onto the property so they haven't graded it yet. I had permission from my principal to detect due to the digging of the yard that I was doing. I kept getting a double hit in a line down the yard and when I dug it, about eight inches down I'd hit iron sprinkler pipe. Two hits for two different ages of pipe, (two different un-working systems). When I was in where the back yard was, I got a strong hit that read one graduated unit above iron in a 60 foot line. I have a little, (and a big), pulowski, (a pick on one end and a flat blade on the other). Digging with the hand sized one I hit metal with a good ring about 3 inches down. Using a shovel I dug down to green metal.

It was a six inch in diameter copper pipe. Not wanting to dig into it for fear it carried water. I found the squished end and mapped it out from there. After digging the dirt off and pulling the pipe out with a come-along, I cut it up with a sawzall and took it to a recycling outfit that paid $1.70 a pound. The pipe weighed 400lbs. That first find, (by the way), it was in about an hour and a half of detecting, I got $680 out of that scrap metal. The money I gave to my principal to help buy bicycles for our good students at the end of the year, (we have 311). He was happy and I am very happy with my White's Classic 5. I have a lot more confidence in the machine and what I can do with it. I go out every night and even a penny hit is fun! My wife wants one now so that's what her Christmas present will be.

Thank you White's for broadening my horizon.

Robert (WY)

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