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Item Found: Coin

Location: Washington

Metal Detector Used: Spectra V3i

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February 1st, 2012

White's Electronics,

My buddy Dave has a timeshare on a lake here in Washington. One of the weeks is in November. His married daughter and her family spent the weekend there and we decided to go over and polish the week off doing some metal detecting with our White’s DFX models that we both own. In the summertime the beaches here are packed wall to wall with people, as are the acres of lawn. In the winter it’s nearly abandoned, and the best part is that the lake is lowered by about 30 feet, exposing all the swimming and boat anchor areas.

We arrived Tuesday afternoon and started on one end of the massive main resort swim beach. Almost immediately Dave found a tungsten carbide wedding band with a silver inlay. We were ecstatic as we had never found anything besides junk rings and an occasional small silver ring. We found lots of coins, pull tabs, bottle caps, etc. and had to stop after about 3 hours because of the dark and cold. Wednesday and Thursday we put in full days, sun up to sun down, gridding off and detecting every square foot of this beach, another smaller beach in the same resort, and a tiny city beach nearby.

On the smaller resort beach we weren’t finding much and I was ready to give it up and move on to hopefully better pickings. Dave wanted to finish checking the rest of the beach, so I reluctantly agreed. On his very next pass he found our first gold ever. It was a 14 karat white gold man’s wedding band! Three passes later he dug up a 14 karat bracelet weighing approximately ¾ of an ounce! Okay, there’s a lesson there somewhere, and I’ll never live this down. We never got around to checking the grassy areas. But after working the sand for so long, we just couldn’t get excited about cutting plugs and digging dirt. If we had a month we’d probably get to it. Maybe some other year.

Friday we packed up and drove about 10 miles to town and the main city beach. A winter storm was blowing in, but we kept at it until we couldn’t take the cold anymore. Dave found 3 more rings, one of which appears to have 4 small diamonds in it! I found my first silver coin, a 1964 quarter! Not bad for a city beach that we were only able to check about 25% of.

Most of our finds were anywhere from just under the surface of the sand to 6 or 7 inches deep. This was the result: 16 rings; 1-gold, 4-silver, 2-tungsten carbide, 1-titanium, 8-cheapies. 2-silver hoop earrings (the third one is plated). 1 gold bracelet. Approximately 500 coins (one was a silver quarter, two wheat pennies, one from 1942 and 2 Canadian pennies). A couple dozen miscellaneous trinkets and also the usual pounds of bottle caps, aluminum pull tabs, lead sinkers, iron, and other garbage. We probably dug 1500 holes in the sand, and filled them back in, to find all this. Our research on the jewelry says we have over $3000 retail value. This was our best detecting outing ever, and it definitely paid for our detectors.

Thanks for a great product,

Dave and Dave

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