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Item Found: Coin

Location: Ohio

Metal Detector Used: Other (800-0284-LSP)

June 23rd, 2008

I purchased my DFX from White's last April (07) and couldn't be more satisfied and impressed with a detector. White's did a fantastic job with the DFX.

Iwasn't able to get out much last year but one day in August I went to an area not far from me that had been hunted heavily by the locals and I had managed to find a few wheat cents with the DFX along with this little sandal. The sandal had been found at a depth of around 4' or so and came out of the ground just as shiny as the day it was lost. The pictures show it atop of one of the wheats found that day.

I have found many items with my trusty DFX and last week I found a couple of more wheat cents at that same spot. I went back to that heavily hunted area near me to see what else the DFX could bring up that the other people missed. Boy was I in for a real surprise. I had only been out for a short time when I recovered my first target a 1996 memorial cent at around 3' then a 1964 memorial cent at about the same depth. After awhile of not many signals or much to mention I thought I'd call it a day when little did I know I was about to end the day with a great finish.

The DFX alerted me to a target deeper than the others I had been digging and it sounded off a little different than what I had been hearing so I decided to investigate. After pinpointing I cut my plug to recover a target a around 6' or so and was having a little trouble finding the target. Imagine my surprise when I recovered an 1887 Indian head cent that had been picked up by the DFX at around 6' and at least partially on edge at that! I thought I was having a great day. I filled my hole and replaced the plug after double checking everything to ensure there were no other targets in the hole. I stood up and started swinging the 950 coil when not more than 2 feet from where I recovered the Indian head cent I got another interesting signal this time at around 4 to 5' after cutting my plug I recovered a 1943P silver wartime nickel!

I hadn't found either of these coins before with a metal detector and had always hoped to someday and to find both of these with the DFX in the same day not more than 2 feet from each other was a real astonishment. This area had been hunted numerous times by myself as well as others but the DFX nailed both targets and I left with a big smile knowing that the DFX really does see what the others miss.

I congratulate you and thank you for such a great machine. The DFX is a great machine for a novice or advanced user and very easy to use with a display that is easy to read and understand. Believe me I should know...I'm legally blind and your machine works great for me!

Josh K.  

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