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Item Found: Coin

Location: Michigan

Metal Detector Used: Other (800-0284-LSP)

July 1st, 2009

Hello, My name is Annie and I belong to the dfxonly web forum. They have a yearly hunt, and in April this year it was held in Michigan at a Boys Scout camp, Camp Owasippe. I have been to every hunt so far and I always take my son with me (he is 12). My son wanted to say thank you for the Bullseye pinpointer Whites donated - he won in the raffle.

Well Saturday it rained on and off all day and we went back to the Inn around 4:00pm. By 5:00 my pesky 12 year old kept begging me to take him back out hunting. It's raining the wind was blowing just a miserable day and I was comfortable taking a nap. I finally broke down and said come on I'll take you back out but I'm staying in the truck.

Now it's about 7:00pm here I am sitting in the truck watching him metal detect and I thought aw heck we drove 400+ miles not to just sit here so I decided to give it a go. Plastic bags and rain gear and I was ready. About 10 minutes later I said to him that's it I'm done I'm going to the truck. As I headed back to the truck I got to the top of the hill and was swinging my dfx I got a dime signal so I dug, it was shinny so I called him over to check the date (haven't gotten my bifocals yet) he's like it's a 2004 mom. Oops oh well. About a foot from that hole I got another signal bounced between 40, 45, 54 I wasn't going to dig it but someone the day before had gotten a nice boy scout ring (54). So I dug it, I reached down when I saw something fall out of the dirt and thought great another penny, picked it up and thought this is too small for a penny but it wasn't a dime too thin.

It had an odd face on one side and an animal on the other, I called my son back over he thought it had an 1818 date on it. A couple guys came by and I asked them if they knew what it was? They didn't know. So we took it back to the inn and when I walked in everyone was gathered in the lobby just comparing finds of the day. I asked who's got a magnifying glass and who can tell me what this is? That got them coming out of the wood work, I think they had 2 laptops a scale a set of micrometers and it wasn't long an hour or so but they identified it. Watching these guys research this was just as much fun as finding it.(thanks to everyone who helped) Turns out my dfx found my oldest coin so far. I can probably say a find of a life time. It's an ancient Roman Coin dating from 330-336 AD, what we first thought was 1818 was actually rsis under a magnifying glass. We figure some boy scout borrowed it from his dads collection and lost it camping, since I'm pretty sure the Romans never came thru Michigan. Thanks Whites for making a great metal detector and for donating so many nice things for the raffle every year. I have attached a picture of my actual coin front and back, thanks to Tom S. who took the pictures.


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