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Item Found: Silver

Location: Washington

Metal Detector Used: Other (NONE)

September 1st, 2013

White's Electronics

My metal detecting buddy and I decided to hit a popular beach up in Seattle on a Monday morning in June. It’s worked pretty hard by md’ers so Monday’s right after the summer weekend crowds seems to be a good time to be there.

We both have White’s DFX machines and have done pretty well with them. The main difference is he’s found about 8 gold rings and a huge gold bracelet in the past 3-4 years, whereas I’ve never found any gold. It’s gotten to the point where I threaten him that he’s going to walk home if he finds gold and I don’t. At that point he usually finds gold and laughs in my face. That’s what happened the last time we were at this beach.

Anyway, when we got to the beach this time I had my Eclipse DD 6x10 coil on, which is much smaller than the massive coil I usually use on the beach. This forced me to go much slower, but also gave me the ability to separate targets and get in tight spaces. I had been working a few minutes without any tones. Finally my first tone was a good one, and when I looked at where it was I could see a little piece of some sort of jewelry just showing through the sand. I bent down to retrieve it and was pleasantly surprised to pull out a nice looking silver bracelet. On closer examination it turned out to be sterling silver with gold tips and onyx stones in the tips. My first gold in several years of md’ing! Granted, it’s just a few dollars’ worth, but hey, it’s gold!

We both continued working and after a while I noticed my buddy had been working the same spot for some time. I pulled off the headphones and asked him what he’d found. He said he’d pulled 24 coins out of the one hole and there was still more. Eventually he pulled 37 coins out of there. An amazing find on this beach.

A few minutes later I got another good signal and at the same time I see the pendant of a necklace sitting on the sand. I picked it up and the entire chain comes out of the sand with it, unbroken! The chain and pendant are both sterling silver, and the pendant has what looks like a tiny diamond and a ruby or garnet main stone. Wow!

We both have long handled sand scoops that we drag behind us as we work. This way we know exactly where we have been and don’t miss areas or rework areas. I was crossing some of my buddy’s drag marks to get to some fresh sand, still swinging as I went, when right in the middle between two of his marks I saw a man’s silver ring sticking out of the sand.

I didn’t even run my DFX across it. It also turned out to be sterling silver. My buddy had been working a little too fast at that point because his drag marks were about 6 feet apart. I had to rub that in a little bit. Especially since the last time up there he found a gold ring with amethyst and tiny diamonds literally inches from where I had been minutes before.

Besides the jewelry I found a couple dollars’ worth of coins and the usual bottle caps and aluminum. My buddy found several dollars’ worth of coins (they add up a little faster when you find 37 of them at a time), a hot wheels car, and a key. All in all, a really good days finds. (Better for me than my buddy-Ha!) Also, my wife really likes her new jewelry, and I like the price.

David (WA)
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