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Item Found: Coin

Location: Texas

Metal Detector Used: Other (621-0438)

July 15th, 2008

Dear White’s Electronics,

"Don't bother.... I got it all!"

About a month ago I started to search an area that from a 1915 topo map had a house and a small family cemetery on it. On part of the land, there is now a grade school built in the very late 1950's. On my first trip to the school area, using my White's IDX, I found some clad coins, and thinking more older coins were there, decided to make some return trips to detect it again.

Taking my White's M6 and the 6X10 coil, a guy with one of those popular yellow other brand detectors, who was already detecting there, walked up to me and said........ "Don't bother... I got it all!!” I replied with, "Then you won't mind me hunting to pick up the trash here." He told me to go ahead. We talked for a few minutes and he told me he had been hunting this schoolyard for 4 years, and the only things left, are from whatever the kids drop during the week. Well, I hunted for about an hour and found almost 20 clad coins, all under 3 inch depth, in his "I got it all" spot.

A 3rd trip to the schoolyard and remembering where the "Ace" had been the week before, I began searching with my M6 and the 6X10 coil. This was an area about 30 feet X 20 feet and I was getting lots of good targets. Dimes, pennies, quarters, nickels...all clad, but they all were there for the taking, and all 2-4 inches deep. How did the other guy miss these with his yellow detector????? After these clad coins, I got another dime signal, and dug a 1911 D Barber dime at 6 inches. I almost had to change.....!!!!!!! More digging of good signals produced more clad coins, and also a 1953 S dime, a 1939 dime, and a "fresh from the mint" 1961 dime that was less than 3 inches deep. I also got an overload signal and scanned the target again and at a depth of 3 inches, found my 1st JFK half, in many years!!!!

Yet another trip with my IDX produced more clad coins, at the "hunted out" schoolyard. I returned to hunt a week later with my M6 and 6X10 coil again, to try to get some deeper coins. As I got there, another guy hunting in a spot came over and asked how long I had been hunting the area. We talked for a few minutes, and he had a 20 year old other brand "silver" detector that was a popular seller. We told each other good luck, and went to searching. He had walked over to the spot where I had gotten the 4 silver dimes the week before..... So.....I took over where he was, before he came over to talk to me. I was going to find what he had missed even if it was one new penny. He had covered it pretty good but not good enough for the White's. Between a metal picnic table and a woodchip play area, I got a quarter signal at 6 inches deep, and dug a nice 1910 D Barber quarter. And along with a few clad coins, I had had another good White's day at school.

In an area where 2 other detector users with other brands, have been searching for a few years, here is what my White's detectors found, that they had missed. Clad coins -- 18 pennies, 11 nickels, 29 dimes, 19 quarters, 1 half. Silver coins-- 4 dimes and 1 quarter. And I am not done hunting the area, yet!!!!! Here is a picture of the silver coins found in the hunted out area.

There is no doubt in my mind who makes the best detectors!!! WHITE'S FINDS WHAT OTHERS MISS!!!!

Robbie in TX

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