« Back to Finds Posted May 2nd, 2014 by Rich Mulcahy

Item Found: Jewelry

Location: Northwest

Metal Detector Used: Spectra Series (621-0167)

May 2nd, 2014

I had a most wonderful experience several weeks ago in finding a ring that I can only describe as "stunning". A friend of mine who works at a local motel called to let me know that a spring break visitor had lost a very nice ring out on the beach around the low tide line. I was over to the motel the following day, timing my visit with the low tide that morning. From one of the attached photos, you can tell there was a vast area to search, and it was the effort of three hours of hunting before my detector reigned in the sweet spot. I like both my Spectrum V3i and DFX so much for this kind of wide open searching. Using my combined beach program with mixed mode, I am able to cover quite a bit of territory utilizing several patterns I find quite effective, and doing the necessary overlaps so as not to miss any part of the search area. By dragging my dig tool/shovel behind me, I am able to see where I have been, and utilize this strategy for whether I am doing parallels or corkscrew-outward search patterns. The signal relayed to me by my DFX indicated that familiar buzz-sound that I enjoy hearing so much via the Tone ID feature in the detector -- gold and platinum give that similar indication through the headphones. Squaring up and pin- pointing the target, I squeezed the trigger to find the object of my search to be at 3 inches in depth. Slowly taking sand away from the perimeter of the center zone, I was delighted to find one spectacular beauty of a ring! Back to my 4runner to clean up and further inspect the ring, I found it to be 14k gold. A jeweler acquaintance of mine later verified that the 7 emeralds and 6 small diamonds were genuine, and this was certainly a ring that had been insured, or should have been. Collaborating efforts with the motel helped to locate the party who lost the ring and to make contact with her and to let her know that her ring had been found. I have done a lot of this over the years since owning my first White's detector, the XLT. This is certainly one of the nicer rings I have come across though, and I know the ring's owner will surely be appreciative. Thank you again, White's Electronics, for making such fine products. My DFX and V3I are with me wherever I go!

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