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Item Found: Coin

Location: New York

Metal Detector Used: Spectra Series (800-0284)

December 1st, 2011

Dear White's Electronics,

I just wanted to thank White’s for the great products they build. I have had 2 detectors in my life, the 6000 DI Series 3 and the V3i. I found many a coin with the 6000 DI and really enjoyed my time back in the 70’s. I ended up not detecting since the late 70’s and finally pickup a V3 two years ago. I have enjoyed it so much I sent it in immediately for the upgrade to V3i.

I feel it to be the only machine in its class out there. When I first picked it up I had a learning curve, but in no time I was finding coins with it. As I read your great forums and got my questions answered by the awesome people on there, I began to feel more comfortable with my machine. I have never gone out and not found any clad coins. I have always found something and with the superb features of the machine giving me solid evidence of what’s under the coil. Most of my digs come up positive.

I have found silver with the V3i, but being that I hunt nothing but heavily pounded areas it is difficult to come up with. I did end up finding a spot that used to be an old carnival grounds... it had been bulldozed over with fill and a convenience store built on the property. After that the small area that was left was pounded to death by every brand metal detector out there. I happened to run into the guy that owned it and asked his permission to hunt and he said no problem.

Long story short it was 10 minutes into the hunt I hit a solid 92, VDI at 6 inches. I carefully popped the plug and in the bottom of the hole was a nice shiny41 walking liberty half dollar. Boy did that bring a smile to my face. Not only the coin but the fact the V3i found it after everyone else had been around there!! Well it wasn’t long and I had another 41 walker!!! Then a couple Roosevelt 2 1957, it was getting dark so I left the patch till the next day.

I couldn’t wait to get back there with the V3i. I went home read the forum and tweaked the machine some more. The next day I went back for a couple more hours and found 2 more rosies, a 50 and a 53. I also started popping wheaties. I was amazed. I left and went back one more time. Well after the 3 quick days I had a total of 43 wheaties from 1911 to 1953, 2 walkers, 2 mercury dimes 1941, 1945. 1 smashed silver ring and a 1953 silver quarter.

I couldn’t believe it after all the time of 1 silver here and silver there. I found these in 3 days... needless to say I was thrilled and as I said the area had been hit hard before. All I can say is if the silver is there the V3i will find it for sure. There were no doubts about what it was telling me. Anyway thanks again for a great machine and great support. I’m now getting the itch to try the beach hunter even though I’m not near the ocean I would love nothing more than to get into the fresh water around here and in the river. I have thought of using the V3i but not going to take the chance. At 62 yrs old my footing isn’t what it used to be.

Thanks again to all the great support in the forum and from my dealer.

Robert (NY)

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