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Item Found: Other

Location: Colorado

Metal Detector Used: Other (800-0284-LSP)

October 7th, 2008

White’s gets another Goodie!

The summer wasn't starting out too well, detecting wise. Between a new job, there was few good sites found to detect, and generally bad luck while hunting, I was starting to get frustrated. Something would have to change, and soon. And soon it did! A detecting buddy, Roy, had recently obtained permission to hunt on some property in downtown Denver.

Before it had changed hands, the property had been occasionally detected, but except for a Seated Half, not much really had been found. Too much new trash, fill piled on the old soil, the usual reasons for a nonproductive area. We got there early in the morning, and I fired up the detectors. (I use and older White’s Silver Eagle, as well as the DFX) Construction had begun on some new condos, and it was visibly apparent that a lot of soil had been disturbed. What had been originally hard packed fill had now been scrapped off, exposing an area of blackened soil. Later I would find out that area was where the trash pit to some 1890's homes.

The first signal was a 1905 V-Nickel, always a good sign. I found some brass, a couple of buttons, and the usual junk. I then got a good "quarter" signal, and unearthed a small, rectangular brass item. It read "Western Transfer Co, Claim" Now we were getting somewhere! Next was a corroded 1899 Indian penny, a bright red cameo broach that seems to be made out of plastic and a first for me, an 1854 Bank of Canada half Cent Token. These are common back East, but unusual to find here in Denver.

Then a beautiful souvenir medal from the Cheyenne Wyoming Frontier Day, 1908! I was getting really excited now! I continued to hunt, finding a few flat buttons as well as the usual junk. My last signal of the day turned out to be the best. A smaller brass piece of metal, inscribed “Union \& Central Pacific Railroad’s 5228” My first Railroad baggage Claim! I then decide to call it quits, wanting to get home to clean and post all my finds on a detecting forum site that I’m a member of. I posted all my finds on the site, and then went to work.

When I got home and checked the site, I couldn’t believe all the responses! People that were knowledgeable with Railroad memorabilia were attempting to contact me about my find. The baggage claim had a patent date of Feb 19, 1867, with the name, Thomas, inscribed on the top. This, I was later to find, was very rare, and my example was until now, unknown. A reputable Railroad auction house contacted me, and I was told that even in its bent and dug condition, could be worth over $1000! More concerned about its historic value, I was still excited about its monetary value. I’m now waiting for my monthly detecting meeting to proudly show it, and all the other finds off!

Thanks again, White’s, whether it’s an older model, or the latest model, I continue to keep digging up great stuff!

Carl J.

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