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Item Found: Jewelry

Location: Massachusetts

Metal Detector Used: Other (800-0284-LSP)

November 17th, 2008

Dear White’s,

My name is Scott and I want to tell a little story about my great find this year in Orleans, Cape Cod, MA. I have detected most parts of the Cape for over 20 years now. On 9/22/2008 my detectorist friend Dan and I traveled to Nauset Beach on the Outer Cape for our first hunt of the day. Nauset Beach is a beautiful place with dunes that seem to go for miles and miles. Pounding surf is ever present. It was almost low tide and we hunted the wet sand for about an hour. It was a pretty setting but unfortunately we were skunked. Not even a target! During the peak summer months at any time you can see 4 or 5 detectorists sweeping Nauset clean. In desperation I said, “Let’s give a little beach I know about on the North Side a quick try”.

In comparison to Nauset, the second beach was just a postage stamp sized speck but it was close by and the tide would be soon starting to come in. We had to scoot. When we arrived Dan went straight out to the bars and mud flat and I went to the right. Immediately I found a large silver ring. It wasn’t long thereafter that Dan was waving me to come out to a sand bar that was exposed by the receded tide. He had just found a gold wedding band and was all excited.

After a couple of high-fives we started to detect again. About twenty yards away WHAM, a nice mellow deep tone registered on my beloved White’s DFX. I scooped up what appeared to me to be a silver looking wedding band out of the wet sand and tucked it in my pocket. Eleanor of J&E Enterprises in South Yarmouth recommended the DFX to me just several months ago. The DFX is a truly great machine and has served me well. Eleanor’s coaching has helped me a great deal as she herself is a seasoned hands-on Cape Cod detectorist.

After 15 minutes more of detecting the sand bar I decided to take a little break and look at my finds. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I brushed off the silver looking band and exposed the word “PLATINUM”. This time I was doing the hopping around and waving to Dan for him to come over.

It was only then that I realized just how heavy the ring was. This was my first Platinum find and I will always remember the thrill of seeing that marking inside the band. Later I weighed it and it was a chunky .25 ounces of pure Platinum. I netted 3 rings for the short hunt: 2 silver and the hefty Platinum. Oh….if, I only could do that well every hunt!



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