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Item Found: Gold

Location: Oregon

Metal Detector Used: Other (800-0284-LSP)

June 1st, 2009

Gold Is Where You Find It

A set of medical forceps? A silver communion vase. An ignition key to an early 1930's Ford. A bronze Roman provincial coin dating to the reign of an ancient emperor. License plates, bronze letter openers, a 1.07 carat near flawless diamond ring, and jewelry of every conceivable notion; tools from the shop, class rings over the span of a century, knick-knacks from tourist shops, and bottle caps, pull-tabs, dog tags, coins, coins, and more coins galore. But who would ever think that metal detecting one's home beaches could provide a gold crown --- not one, but four, over a short span of time.

A "crown" refers to the restoration of teeth, using materials that are fabricated which are cemented into place. A crown is used to cap or completely cover a tooth.

Full gold crowns consist entirely of a single piece of alloy. Although referred to as a gold crown, this type of crown is actually composed of many different types of elements, including but not limited to gold, platinum, palladium, silver, copper, and tin. Full gold crowns are of better quality when they are high in noble content. According to the American Dental Association, full gold crown alloys can only be labeled as high noble when they contain at least 75% noble metal.

Finding one of these precious little spots of gold with a metal detector rings up speculation and intrigue --- the kind of stuff one reads about in a mystery novel. Be that as it may, there has been more than one treasure hunter from west to east and points abroad, who has wished to personify his finds, hoping they could reveal their secrets and origins. But for the mysteries that will forever remain mysteries, and the stories they incite, the gold crown discoveries these past few years are a curiosity for this beach detectorist, only to be surpassed in future hunts by the next mysterious, unexplainable find.

Best to you!
Rich M.

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