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Item Found: Relic

Location: Illinois

Metal Detector Used: Other (800-0284-LSP)

November 20th, 2009

Dear White’s,

On the evening of June 26th, I was sweeping a side walk boulevard in my local town of Dixon, Illinois. I selected this spot because it was close to an old cemetery and a little public park. I figured well over 100 years of pedestrians walking down this path might have dropped a few goodies for me to recover. My weapon of choice for this evening's hunt was my loyal DFX 300 with the hot D2 DD coil.

I was not getting anything old and after a few hours I began sweeping my way back to my command vehicle. I was working tight up to the curb running parallel to the road when I got a what appeared to be a strong Zinc signal about +66 VDI on my DFX. I know that you can't always believe the VDI alone so decided to dig the target. The target was about four inches deep. I flipped the plug over and in the bottom of the plug I pin pointed with my Bullseye a rectangular silver piece of metal.

After brushing some of the dirt away I recognized it as an old military dog tag. I headed for home and to clean it up and see if I could get a name. The dog tag was completely intact and after getting the name off it I decided to check my local phone book to see if the name was listed. To my surprise the name was indeed listed and the owner lived about one mile from my front door. I called and talked to the wife of the owner and asked her if her husband was still alive and if he served in the military. She answered yes to both questions.

I was thrilled and explained to her that I was a metal detectorist and that I believed I had found an item belonging to her husband. She was as thrilled as I was. We set up an appointment to meet the following morning. I brought the dog tag and some of my better finds from the past year to do my show and tell routine. After a brief introduction, I explained to the now 80 year old Korean War veteran that I believe I had found something that belonged to him.

I handed him the dog tag and he looked at it and began reading the serial number. He exclaimed, yep that's my number! We were all feeling pretty excited to see the dog tag returned after nearly 58 years of missing in action. Ed, the owner and I had a few drinks together and I asked him to share a few of his war stories. He in exchange asked me about some of the finds I had recovered.

We spent a very pleasant 90 minute visit. I gave them a White’s Forum business card and expressed my desire to hunt their very nice 110 year old home sight and the woods that they also own next to the home. Ed was raised in this house and has lived there all his life. His wife has lived there since they were wed over 50 years ago. It has to be my most rewarding experience yet since beginning my treasure hunting journey 14 months ago. I hope to add a few more chapters to this story.

Thanks to White’s for making a truly incredible machine and all my White’s Forum buddies for helping to advance my training through the wonderful forum sight. I always say keep swinging and dig it all folks. You never know what your next find might be.

Thanks again


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