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Item Found: Jewelry

Location: Pennsylvania

Metal Detector Used: Spectra V3i

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July 1st, 2011

Dear White's,

Yesterday I received the Spectra V3i, and just couldn't wait to give it a go on some of my best sites that I previously hunted out with my DFX. The outing started out by picking an abandoned colonial grave yard that I have permission to hunt by the current landowner who is a great friend also. My complete setup was very simple, just the V3i in the High Performance program with no modifications, as I wanted to learn the machine before I start customizing the settings. To be honest, after this find I am not going to change anything besides the sensitivity levels as this grave yard is located miles from the nearest power line or anything for that matter!

Anyways, I turned on the detector and started sweeping in the High-Pro program and around one of the grave stones I got a pull tab/ring signal and the VDI number was solid on the same number, a +13. When I pinpointed it, it was 11 inches! I knew from the site that it could be something of value as most of the trash from people partying is roughly right on the surface, so I decide to dig. To my surprise, I got down the 11 inches and the signal was still strong and LOUD! It turned out that it was another 3 inches!

That's a total of 14 inches, and when I saw the hint of a golden color, I carefully removed what turned out to be a 21K gold and diamond 17th century ring! I thought I was going to pass out because I have diabetes and I'm sure I my blood pressure was maxed out! This was my first ring, and I rinsed it off with some of my water and immediately went to the property owner and showed him. He told me that this is the best find that anyone has ever found in the cemetery as the ground is highly mineralized and solid black color.

This detector is THE BEST ON THE MARKET! And I thank White's for making a top class product with even better customer service. Here is a picture of the ring, which I had evaluated by a local jeweler who gave me these specifics: Metal: 21K Yellow Gold, Stones: Irregular old mine cut diamonds. The jeweler then told me that this is the oldest and nicest 17th century ring he has seen over his 30 years of being a jeweler. That's what detecting is all about-preserving our history!

P.S.-I did not disturb the graves in the process as I don't think of myself as a grave robber lol. The last bit of info that the jeweler gave to me and that I think would be useful to other detectorists is that back in the colonial to civil war era, when a husband or wife lost one another, the customary action was for the person who lost the loved one to place something of great value either on or near the deceased's head stone, the most common items were rings and broaches.


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