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Item Found: Jewelry

Location: Ohio

Metal Detector Used: Other (800-0300)

July 1st, 2010
   White's is the Best!

Last year I won a cheap metal detector of another brand through my work. It was just enough to get me excited about this hobby of metal detecting. One month later I purchased a used White's XLT. Wow what a difference! So, off I go hunting for fortune.

I was finding a lot of clad and thought this was fun and making a little money for my efforts. All this was about to change when I was talking to some friends at church about my new hobby and they wondered if I would be interested in trying to locate their daughters class ring she had lost while at the public pool. She had lost the ring two years before at the pool in a grassy area where people lay out in the sun. After a period of about a half hour and after digging a good share of pull tabs and coin I got a nice hit and sure enough out came a class ring with her name engraved on the inside.

I cannot explain the feeling you get when you return a ring to its owner and see the expression on their face. It was then I realized there are greater rewards than just finding coins and jewelry for your own self. Well word got around that I had found this young ladies ring and another couple from my church wondered if I could find his wedding band which he had lost 4 years ago while working in the yard. When I got to their home he pointed to a one and a half acre lot and said I lost is out there somewhere.

Well I started to search and all I found was pieces of foil and pull tabs. I suddenly got a nice coin reading and up came an 1800's large cent. Wow was that exciting even though it was in pretty tough shape. Even with finding the large cent I still was not happy that I could not locate the man's ring. After about four and a half hours of hunting I was about ready to give up in fact I told them I would search for another ten minutes then call it a day when all of a sudden I get a good hit and it is showing the ring symbol.

I dig down around 4 ½" an there it was as shiny as the day he lost it. They were so excited and thankful as they thought it was gone for good. Once again, the feeling you get when you hand someone something as special as a wedding band which had been lost for 4 years and they assumed was gone forever you cannot explain. I am hooked on this hobby and hooked on White's for making great detectors and I just purchased a new MXT which I will be trying out as soon as the snow melts.
Thanks again White's

Brad (OH)
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