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Item Found: Jewelry

Location: Colorado

Metal Detector Used: Other (800-0300)

September 1st, 2010
White's Electronics,

This is from an email from Matt on how the ring came to be lost.

"Sarah and I were married on 3/29/09 and live in Austin, Texas. We're both originally from San Antonio. After an unusually hot summer in Austin, we decided to book a trip to Colorado Springs from 9/20 to 9/25. On 9/24, we decided to drive up Pikes Peak. Unfortunately, it had been snowing that week, and the road was only open to the half way rest stop. We drove up there and walked around some, took pictures, and threw snow balls.

After driving down, we went to lunch, and I realized I wasn't wearing my wedding ring. I thought maybe I had forgotten to wear it that day. But then I looked at the pictures on the camera and I was wearing it on some of the pictures of Pikes Peak. I knew it must have flown off while I was throwing snowballs. We decided to drive back up and look for it. We walked around the snow for well over an hour before deciding to give up because it had started to snow fairly heavily by then, and we were tired. We were extremely disappointed because we were flying out the next morning and would have to leave without my ring. Upon returning to Austin I posted an ad in the lost and found section of the Colorado Springs Craigslist."

I started Metal Detecting in the early 70's. It's a great hobby and I have shelves full of finds, jars full of coins and other neat stuff. But one jar is special. In 1999 I upgrade to White's top of the line XLT and that's when I started my special ring jar. But not all of the rings I find go into the jar. Returning found items is one of the great rewards of this hobby. I also go out of my way to support this hobby by getting permission to hunt any area.

On October, 12th 2009 I was checking the Lost and Found section of the Colorado Springs Craigslist and found a posting "Lost Wedding Ring - Reward!!! (Pikes Peak)

I answered to the listing and soon got a reply, he was going to work on a map of the area he was in and get back to me. I contacted Jo at the Pikes Peak Highway Head Quarters for permission to look for the ring. She contacted the Pike National Forest Office and I was granted permission to look for the ring on 10/24/09.

We had permission to look for the ring but now we had a new problem. Winter storms had added over two feet of snow in the area of the Half Way Rest Stop. The hunt for the ring would have to wait until spring and my return to Colorado after a Snowbird trip to Texas.

I emailed Matt on 4/29/10 with an update on the search for the ring. Finally the last week of May it started to warm up and it was time to look for the ring. On 6/07/09 I contacted Jo at the Pikes Peak Highway to check if it was still ok to come up and look for the ring. Jo was no longer with the Highway and I after updating Sandy, her replacement, I was again given permission to look for the ring.

I arrived at the Rest Stop and got out the map and pictures that Matt had sent me in October. I located the two areas to search. I had planned to use my stock coil (9") on my XLT because it would give me a wider coverage on my swing. But I changed my mind. With the stock coil I move to fast and don't get a good overlap on my swing. So I went with the White's Bullseye 5.3" coil. I find the smaller coil forces me to slow down. I loaded one of my custom programs for Jewelry. Then tweaked it to accept VDI's down to (-10) I had posted a thread on White's Forum last October wanting to know what the VDI for a Platinum Ring should be. One of the Forum members, Deolslyfox, posted it should be somewhere between zero (+0) and twenty (+20).

I started my search from where I though Matt may have toss the snowball and headed to the tree he was aiming at. When I reached the tree and started my return leg I realized I had left my grid flags in my truck. After getting the flags I started over. This time when I reached the tree I placed my marker and moved 24 inches to the left and start back.

About halfway on the return leg I got that sweet sound of a good hit. Looking down there was the ring partly covered by a few pine needles. I took another swing to get the VDI, (+21), not what I was expecting a VDI for a pulltab. Could this be some other ring? From Matt's email I only knew that it was a Platinum Wedding Ring. I set a marker flag and went to my truck for my camera. After a couple shots of the ring I picked and with my loop looked at the ring. The Jewelry Mark was "PLAT DIANA" so it was a Platinum Ring. But was this Matt's ring? Engraved inside the ring was "S.P.B. to M.S.M. 3-21-2009". This had to be the ring Sarah gave to Matt!! In less than 15 minutes I had found the ring and was heading back down the mountain. I stopped at the office to tell Sandy I had found the ring. I also got a picture of the ring with one of the Rangers.

When I got home I sent an email to Matt "So is 3/21/2009 a special date? Send me your address and I'll ship your ring."


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