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Item Found: Jewelry

Location: South Carolina

Metal Detector Used: M6

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A high-performance and easy-to-use MXT-style coin and jewelry detector for all kinds of ground conditions.

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September 15th, 2008

Dear White’s,

I have been using an older White’s detector and really like it. I found a lot of jewelry and coins with it, but jewelry is what I like to find. When White’s announced the M6, my husband called the local dealer and ordered the first one he could get. He gave it to me. I was not happy. I liked my detector and did not want to change. We were going to a Georgia beach the next week, and I told him that I would try the M6.

After one day of using the M6, my older White’s detector became my backup. I have found at least one good piece of jewelry every beach trip for the last three years. We were detecting Myrtle Beach about a week after Spring Break. We were on the downtown area beach which is crowded during the day and heavily detected in the afternoon.

My first good find was the nicest crucifix that I had ever found. That would have made my day but the best was yet to come. Later I moved down into the wet sand. After several coins I got what could have been a zinc penny signal. I dig everything above 6 VDI, so I scooped. The target was about six inches deep. I shook the sand out and looked inside. It was what I consider my best find ever, not because it was the largest class ring that I have ever seen but because it was something that I might get to return one day.

My goal in this hobby has been to find something that I could return to its owner. When we got home my husband and I started the search. The high school at first was no help. All they would say was, "Send us the ring.” After two months of dead ends, my husband called the school again. This time they agreed to take his name and number. Twenty minutes later the young man's mother called my husband. I don't know which one was more excited. She told him that Luke, her son, had paid for the ring himself and that they lived near Myrtle Beach.

Luke had lost it during Spring Break. We were going back down to the beach in a couple of months so we set up a surprise for Luke. She did not tell him that my wife had found his ring. When we got to the beach his mom sent him to our motel room to pick up a package for her. When he opened the package it was a very emotional moment.

He said that he had borrowed detectors and had asked guys on the beach to try to find his ring. Finally he gave up. Seeing the look on Luke's face when he saw his lost ring again made this my best find ever. This stretch of beach is heavily detected daily but my M6 has no problem finding gold in the wet sand. I love my M6.

Linda in SC  

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