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Item Found: Coin

Location: Minnesota

Metal Detector Used: Other (NONE)

November 1st, 2012

Dear White's Electronics,

Many years ago when I was much younger and my grandmother was still alive, my parents purchased for each other as Christmas gifts, a pair of what was then, top-of-the-line White's metal detectors. They went all out and got each other the hard cases which included digging tools. Their intention was to check out some old ghost towns near Arizona. My grandmother lived there in the desert, and they would go there to visit nearly every year, giving them an opportunity to do some hunting. They never gave the hobby much of a chance, so they only found a few things here and there. Because of the time necessary for good hunting results, and the other interests they had at that time, the machines ended up in their closet and have been sitting there ever since. But because of their purchase and the detecting magazines of theirs that I would read, the hobby of metal detecting would every now and then spark an interest in me.

Sometime in the mid to late 90's, I finally decided to purchase a machine of my own. I wanted to stick with White's because of the solid build quality. White's had some digital machines available then, but I felt digital technology had not progressed far enough yet, so I decided on the proven top-of-the-line analog machine you had at the time, the White's 6000/Di PRO SL. Year after year after year, my find results out-performed most other people I knew with the same hobby. Even they were impressed with my results.

But over the past few years, digital technology has really come of age. I have been waiting for the right(financial) moment to up-grade to a new V3i. The local hot spots have been showing fewer and fewer good results, while others locally have been up-grading to newer, deeper seeking machines with the fancy Double-D coils. I was feeling like I was being left in the dust!

However, about a week ago, a friend told me about a house that was recently taken down. The people who originally built it more than 100 years ago were well-to-do at that time. I remembered having found a couple of Barber dimes under the sidewalk in front of it when they tore up the streets and sidewalks a few years back for new septic lines. But some of perimeter of the original property was still there, so I decided to hunt it anyway. The machine was on less than 2 minutes and I got a hit - It was a 1902 Liberty V-nickel!!! I spent 2 full days hunting that property and found a handful of Wheat pennies, another V-nickel - a 1911 in fine condition (Liberty is plainly visible on the head band), a 1902 Indian penny, a 1943 and a 1924-S Mercury dimes, a 1902 Barber dime in very good to fine condition as well as few military pins, one of which is solid silver! My hunting the local area had finally improved once again!

But my story doesn't end here... You see, in July of 2011, I was involved in a major car accident on my way to work. My machine was sitting in the passenger seat (waiting to do some more hunting after work - as usual) and was seriously damaged in the accident. Due to present finances, I have yet to send it in to see if it can even be fixed, let alone replace it with a new V3i.

My mother, knowing how much I love the hobby, (bless her heart!) went to the closet and dusted off her old White's machine for me to use. Smaller coil and older technology or not, I graciously accepted it and thanked her for it. All of this treasure in the photo (and more) was found with her near-antique (wrist killer) White's Coinmaster 6000Di Series 3 machine that is still in like new condition!!!

I have only one thing to say - White's ROCKS! And thank you for so many years of absolutely superb metal detecting equipment!

Donald (MN)

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