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Item Found: Relic

Location: Oklahoma

Metal Detector Used: MXT

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December 1st, 2009

Dear White's,

After several years of looking at the White's catalogs and dreaming of owning my first metal detector I finally went to my local dealer, Wayne's Detector Sales, and purchased the MXT last year. What an awesome machine. My only regret was not buying a White's metal detector sooner.

The first thing I did was take it out in the backyard of our 1915 home and try it out. I found a gun cylinder eight inches down and upon cleaning it realized it was from a large toy cap gun. The previous owner laid new sod that placed all the older items at least three inches deeper. I recently purchased the 10" DD coil and decided to try it out in the area where the gun cylinder was found to see if there were any other toys deeper down. I found a 1918 wheat penny that was eight inches down and a 1940 wheat penny at seven inches on its edge. I got a very faint 16 and 18 VDI reading that said nickel/ring less than three feet from the gun cylinder. Digging down 10 inches my White's pinpointer located a toy lead soldier. It turned out to be a Barclay podfoot hollowcast lead soldier with anti-aircraft gun made in the late 1940's.

My first silver found with the MXT was a men's Park Lane sterling silver ring. First silver coin found was a 1926 Mercury dime at a construction site and the second was a 1942 sterling silver Australia threepence minted in Denver during WW II. My first gold was a 10K gold ring and I recently found a small 10K gold diamond promise ring at a local lake.

Thanks White's for my MXT, Paul S. Twin Territories Treasure Hunters Club (OK)

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