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Item Found: Unusual

Location: California

Metal Detector Used: Other (800-0327)

October 1st, 2012

White's Electronics,

My Name is Josh S. from San Diego, Calif. I am pleased to announce I have made a stunning recovery with one of your top of the line metal detectors THE DFX IS HOT. Well if you are ready for a real sizzler here it goes… It was a sunny day at the beach in Carlsbad where my brother and myself were metal detecting a park off to the side of an old main Highway 395? Not sure anyhow, I had my Jimmy Sierra headphones and DFX (Dang Fine X ample) I call it because this piece of equipment is picking up bobby pins and paperclips. It’s so sensitive or you can just tweak the sensitivity or the pre amp gain ,too go DEEP on targets like this District Attorneys badge over a foot deep.

I wandered off towards a beaten path because I wanted to find something wonderful and was surprised to hear the loudest signal I have ever heard. No overload +92 +90 +86 +89. I was dumbfounded and then you know what I thought “another can darn!” You see we all go through this scenario when we are out detecting you are getting frustrated and not picking up much, I want to bring new life to your hopes and dreams ITS OUT THERE don’t give up NEVER... Persistence pays, in this instance the park was nothing fancy and there is no way of knowing where this special prize was at.

Somebody buried this badge, but before that happened somebody prepared burial by spray painting the whole thing black and bending the star points inward I had a heck of a time cleaning ,bending carefully so it would not break. Once it took shape I could not believe that this twisted piece of brass once belonged on an officer’s chest. I hope you are ok buddy I am doing some research, most lost badges are replaced by the officer or deputy with a paperwork and procedure. Someone did not want this found, it was immorally defaced. I am proud to say I have polished it and respect it more than words can say! I hope this message finds metal detectorists everywhere and spend the money on a bullseye pinpointer, lesche digging tool and the 6x10 Eclipse search coil for speed hunting.

Thank you White’s for making this find and all my brother and I’s finds possible.


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