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Item Found: Returned

Location: California

Metal Detector Used: Spectra Series (800-0319)

November 1st, 2012

Dear White's,

Well it started out about a week ago, when I got a frantic e-mail from a gentleman saying that his wife had just lost their wedding ring set on the beach. It was a very brief e-mail so with not much detail. I responded and asked all the questions one should ask, and a day later I got a return message saying they were lost on Nantucket Island. It just so happens that I was making plans to visit the Island this weekend. My wife and I haven’t been there in 30 years… maybe this was meant to be?

They told me that they had rented a detector from a local shop for 2 days, and only found a dime… I told them no guarantees, but if I made it over, I would give it my best shot. I again e-mailed them and asked if I could get a better description of what I was looking for, white, yellow, diamond, wedding band etc. All I got back was a GPS location. Even better!

My wife being such a great sport, said lets go and see what happens. I had the boat booked in ten minutes and early Saturday we were off. I got there and counted off 200 feet to my right and 50 or so feet up from the water and started my grid work. Six passes later and about 15 minutes after turning on my WHITE’S VISION detector, I had a beautiful Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring in my scoop! Thank You White’s for making such a wonderful machine, I had to do a little work on my end, but it all worked out. Turns out they had about 40 people looking for the ring over the week, on their hands and knees. 5 minutes after locating the ring, a woman approached me, and asked if I had found a ring, that a couple had lost one last weekend. I told her I had it. I’m not sure who was more excited me or her. Lololol

Because all they sent me was their e-mail, and NO phone number, I was planning on e-mailing her husband when I returned to the mainland that evening. The woman told me that she had their number if I wanted it. I said “of course that’s why I am here.” I called the number and asked for Emily, and told her who I was, and I didn’t have to say anymore. She said “NO Way! You found it?” Better news yet, she was still on the Island, and was at the boat as we were talking.

Her boat was leaving in 45 minutes. I told her to hurry down to take a few pictures and describe the ring and I would give it back to her. To a T it was hers. Her husband was wearing the matching ring. A lot of hugs a couple of tears of joy, and a few stories as to how it was lost, and off they went home to New York. What a great day it was returning such a keepsake as that. What a great hobby.


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