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Metal Detector Used: Coinmaster Series (800-0284)

May 1st, 2012

Dear White's Electronics,

I really want to thank you for your customer support, it's rare any more to have a company stand behind their product let alone it be a 28 year old (5900/di pro plus) and also it be the customer fault for losing the darn knob.

My Great Uncle Nelson bought it back in the early 80's. He was a WWII vet, his road as a MP for General Patton all through Africa up into Europe till the end of the war. After returning to the states and working till he retired, then he must have bought the 5900/di. That’s when I saw him with it. I had joined the Navy in 85 and when I would come home on leave. I would take him out to hot spots to metal detect since by then he could not drive. I would use an old green coinmaster, no meter just sound. (No telling how old that was) that he would let me use. He would always make it a game on who could find more treasurers and who ever lost bought the soda at the end of the day. He would always let me win because I could count everything I found pull-tabs, nails, anything and he would only count the change he found. To find out later that his 5900 would tell what he had found before even digging.

That's how I got the bug for metal detecting and some very fond memories. He past a way a few years after those times and he willed it to me. So that's how it got into my hands. So being in the Navy I was sent to first Gulf War I took my memories of him and the detector and went to Bahrain, Dubai, and Jebel Ali. Just to let you know the Arabian Gulf states do not like American's metal detecting in their countries. They don't want foreigners possibly digging up their national treasures and the Police there carry machine guns so I didn't push it when told to stop.

The next country was Japan, there I had a blast and that is where I lost the GEB knob. There must not be anybody that metal detects in their country and they have some beautiful parks just for this. After marking the meter with a grease pencil what was basically penny, nickel, dime, quart and dollar on the meter in yen. I was able to find enough to pay for my lunch and sodas all day long and still have my pockets so heavy that my pants were being pulled down. The most fun though was that the Japanese kids, they wanted to always know what I was doing. So with the language barrier, I would show them and after a while I would just point and they would dig them up. The kids were so polite they would try to give the coin to me, but I would let them keep the coins, you should have seen their faces light up.

Hong Kong was about the same as Japan, the people were so polite, Australia too the only difference was that we could understand each other. So now after 24 years in the Navy, two trips around the world and every Gulf war up to now I am retired and have allot more time on my hands, so metal detecting is one of my top notch hobby's I think only fishing beats it but even then I sometimes metal detect were I am fishing so I get both at the same time. I have never found that gold coin or million dollar treasure, but I do have some memories and experiences that are priceless. So that's my story and I hope you enjoyed it.

USN Retired- Doug

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