« Back to Finds Posted July 1st, 2014 by Brian Connelly

Item Found: Jewelry

Location: Southwest

Metal Detector Used: Coinmaster Series (800-0339)

July 1st, 2014

Now I am not one to tout the benefits of one detector or another, but this time I just can't help myself. My White's Coinmaster GT has shown me just how much I missed in the past with some other detectors. A friend of mine and I were out hunting an old burned down church site that I had been to several times in the past with other detectors, but we always like to go back over a site a few times and make sure we didn't miss anything. I started in my own corner of the property as I always do, hitting some coins, some junk, and some old handmade nails from the building that used to be there a long time ago. I had been over these spots plenty of times before and not gotten any of these hits because they were fairly deep and the detectors I had used were not all that great, bounty hunters, I had an Ace 250 and a regular Coinmaster which I loved using but the GT just was hitting so much deeper than all of the others had when I heard a faint ping on the detector, but it was repeatable, but it was reading really deep, and I knew from the sound that it was a GOOD HIT. I called my buddy over to help me dig it it was around 8 inches deep, we cut the plug out and pulled out my Whites Pinpointer which has always been good to me, it was stilla little deeper, I dug and dug and dug, and I finally pulled out a clump of dirt that was hitting the pinpointer as metal, I started to clean away the mud and grime, and to my amazement it was round, it was gold toned, I was sweating my heart was pounding, it was a beautiful antique class ring, 10k gold, and had initials on it, so it got me thinking, I should try and see if I can find the owner of the ring, and try to return it. I did some digging, and got a yearbook from the school from the year on the ring, and bam there it was a few names that matched the initials, 2 of them, so I searched the net, made some calls, and it turns out that the church lot used to be a spot kids would take their girlfriends to late at night and "Park", and the man had lost it decades ago and it bothered him because his mother who had long since passed bought it for him at great expense to herself who was at the time a single mother, so I got to return a piece of the mans life to him, and make him happy, and I think thats the best part of the hobby, the chance to give someone something back that they lost so long ago......

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