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Item Found: Jewelry

Location: Alaska

Metal Detector Used: M-Series (800-0329)

March 1st, 2012

White's Electronics,

I’ve really been an avid detectorist for almost 40 years. In that period I count on one hand the number of rings with diamonds I’ve found, that I have gotten to keep. One of my best diamond ring keepers was the ring I gave to my wife on our 25th Wedding Anniversary. I found that particular ring in Hawaii, while looking for a platinum ring for lady from Japan, which is a story in its self. Let me digress at this point and explain that how this all happened.

I was on one of the islands and had been detecting for several days and noticed a woman on the beach with a large flour shifter working an area under one of the palm trees. The next day she was out there with a metal detector swinging it like she was playing golf. Her swing was driving me nuts. I had to go over and ask if she had detected before.

Immediately, I found we had a language barrier. Another person who had been watching her came up graciously and interpreted. Through the interpreter, I found out she never detected before and that she rented a machine to find her husband’s wedding band.

Well after two and half days of detecting, I was out there early in the morning and one of the locals who lives on the beach came up and gave me a note. The note was written in Japanese on one side and English on the other. The lady had gone to their hotel concierge. The note said basically – Thank You for helping, if by some miracle that I did find it, to call her in Japan. That same day I found a size six wedding band, with inscription on the inside and several other rings plus a diamond ring which at first I thought was a fake.

Well I live in Alaska, finding someone who speaks Japanese is not easy. I was working, when I met a person who worked for the Japanese consult. Through their help we were able to call and they interpreted. Two days later the ring was on its way back to its rightful owner.

When I was looking for the lady’s ring, I came across the diamond ring that I thought was a fake. At the jewelry store in Eagle River, Alaska Mr. Blakely took a look at it. When he pulled out his diamond tester he smiled and told me that it was real, and worth approximately $3,500.

A couple days later he called me and said that he had cleaned and polished it and revised his original estimate to $4,700. That July 29th, I found my special present and gave it to my wife on our 25th wedding anniversary. For our 30th, I had a larger duplicate ring made which mirrors the ring I found in Hawaii. For our 35th I’m hoping by then, I’ve found another diamond ring.

Dennis (AK)

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