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Item Found: Coin

Location: Colorado

Metal Detector Used: M-Series (800-0308)

May 1st, 2009

Shpadoinkle New Year!

As the new year rolled around, I looked forward to seeing that I would find with my most excellent machines. Some of what I unearthed was found using my XLT, and the rest with my MXT 300 using a 6 x 10 coil.

On January 1, a really cold day in Colorado, I got out for awhile and found a bunch of clad and a British 5 pence coin. I am always fascinated by uncovering foreign coins and wonder how they came to be here in Colorado. Thanks to my trusty rock hammer, I was able to liberate some of these items from frozen wood chips found on playgrounds.

After taking a day off because of snow, January 3rd warmed up nicely and I met up with a partner who also uses an MXT. My finds included a 1953 wheat penny, a British pound coin, an earring that looks like gold but stamped 925, and best of the day; 4 Mercury dimes dated 1916, 1918, 1923 and 1928! They came out of the same hole. I found one, and in my excitement, ran over to show my partner. He returned with me to the hole where I discovered another signal. I found the second and checked the hole again. Found the third and forth in similar manner. There was something else in the hole that we have yet to identify and may be just junk metal.

On January 4th, I had to work and came home to spend the evening with my wife. Once she wandered off to bed, I went out for a short night hunt. The temperature was 14 degrees and the wind was bitter cold. However, I still managed to come away with a nice group of coins and a heart shaped earring with a small stone attached. After about 30 minutes, I mosied home to avail myself of some warmth!

My partner and I met up on January 5th, and what a day we had. He started out besting me by finding a 14k gold charm from a necklace or bracelet. However, I outpaced him on clad most of the day. My one good find was a gold plated medallion. After we got cold, we came back to my place for a chicken dinner prepared by my devoted wife. Afterwards, we went out for a bit of night hunting. The first place we visited yielded little. Just a few coins. But when we hit our second stop, round back of the first, we found a playground infested with coins. I ended up with a silver ring, followed shortly by a 14k gold bracelet. After taking a hefty load of coins we moved to a 3rd location and I found a 14k gold ring.

To claim that White's makes the best machines money can buy would be an understatement of incredible proportion. Both my partner and I have found gold on a regular basis, and enough coins to bolster our checking accounts for buying more White's goodies!

Thank you for the most excellent machines and the overwhelming success we've already enjoyed in this most shpadoinkle new year.

Oh, and by the way... I rewarded my loving and devoted wife with her very own White's Prizm 6-T for Christmas, and it's only a matter of time before she has tales of her own to tell.


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