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Item Found: Jewelry

Location: California

Metal Detector Used: Other (800-0300)

September 1st, 2010
Hi White's Electronics,

I am sending you this story concerning an article that appeared in today's newspaper -- The Orange County Register which is one of the largest newspapers in the USA. In today's local section of this paper, this article almost covered the whole page and had to be carried over into another page in this section.

This story started out where I saw an article on Craigslist Lost & Found List on June 9 of a lost mans Gold Wedding Band which was lost the day before. I normally don't go out looking for men's rings but this article was worded in such a way, it cried out for me to make contact with the lady that placed this ad.

I found out that the couple that lost the ring was both out of work and replacing this lost ring at this time was out of the question plus the sentimental value was beyond anything money could replace. This was a newlywed couple that married later in life (first for both). I made email contact with the lady that placed the ad and immediately after -- I got a phone call from her.

Within the hour, she was conveying answers to my questions of exact time via emails, how far out in the water was her husband when it was noticed it was lost. Any land marks that would help me pin point the lost area more precisely? etc. etc. This ring was lost in about knee deep water at about 2 PM in the afternoon on June 8. Checking the tide table at that time showed me that the tide was at high tide.

I made up my mind that I wasn't going to go out looking for it until Friday morning - June 11th. Upon checking the tide table for June 10 as well as for June 11, the tide was lower in the morning on June 10 so all systems told me that I must go then for the best chances of me ever finding this ring even if I had to wade out in the surf a ways.

As soon as I hit the beach that morning at first light, I was the only one on this beach outside of a couple way off to my right that I could see was looking for sea shells. I fired up my White's XLT and headed out into the exposed rocks which were made visible because the tide was out but not for long because the tide was coming in and was at its lowest at 2 AM this same morning.

As soon as I stepped into the rocky area with my detector (water curling around the rocks), my detector made contact with an item that my screen showed it to be a ring or a pull tab. Well naturally, I dug it up and it was a pull tab. By this time the couple that were originally to my far right, were now within talking distance.

I held up the pull tab and asked this couple if they wanted a pull tab ring because it wasn't the ring that I was looking for. I was then asked "What type of ring was I was looking for". I then responded back, a man's gold wedding band with scallops all around the outside of the band. The next question from them was - anything inscribed on the inside of the band and my answer back was "Love you forever but I didn't remember word for word nor did I remember that an inscription inside of this ring after the wording stated PS 112. Which I found out later stood for Palms 112.

The lady that I was talking to then held up this ring and said "Is this the ring you're looking for". This lady is visiting from Utah and outside of this particular day& the day before that she visited this beach, she was then heading back home on June 12th. This ring is now back on the finger of the man that lost it and his wife was so taken by the events that led up to this ring being found, she made contact with the newspaper that had a photographer & a reporter on site the next morning at 6 AM to capture all who played a role in this Miracle.

The article in the paper the next day was titled "Fellowship of the Ring". Even though my detector didn't find it directly, it did play the key role in bringing this whole story to a Happy Ending. The link to the story is: <http://www.ocregister.com/news/ring-253029-billie-debbie.html>



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